This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.

Maoist Internationalist Movement

Campaign to increase MIM Notes circulation!

New York City, El Paso, Chapel Hill/Greensboro North Carolina, Madison Wisconsin, Champaign/Urbana Illinois: You are not getting your fair share of MIM Notes!

[December, 2004 postscript:

MIM has learned greatly in the process of MIM Notes distribution the past year and we no longer use the method of distribution implied below.

Please see the December, 2004 Central Task report for our new attitude.]

MIM Notes has seen a big spike in circulation since the "war on terrorism" began. It's not surprising: MIM Notes is a free and independent newspaper. Yes, there are especially now knee-jerk patriots who believe everything Bush says and pass by a chance to read MIM Notes. There are other patriots and internationalists who realize that at this time papers like MIM Notes can undo the huge spectacle that Uncle Sam is creating for its own benefit.

Sure, you have seen MIM Notes around, but MIM Notes needs people to do two simple things: 1) pay for it (postage and printing) 2) distribute it!

We are looking for people to nail down MIM Notes circulation gains throughout the U.$.A. and we will even talk to folks outside the United $tates about extending outside U.$. borders. Within U.$. borders, New York City--you need to do a better job! Everyone else, you need to offer to do your area too, because you are the best guarantee the job will get done!

MIM is looking for distributors and sponsors to step forward. Sponsors pay for papers; distributors get them onto the streets and officers do both distribution and financial support. We have both kinds of people, people with money and no will or ability to distribute papers and people who can distribute more papers but who have no money. People with money and the ability to distribute should find each other.
# of MIM Notes to distribute Cost per year
12 (Priority Mail) $120
25 (Priority Mail) $150
50 (Priority Mail) $280
100 $380
200 $750
900 (Express Mail!)
900 (8-10 days)

If you know you have some good places to do distribution, we suggest starting at 200 and working your way up higher. If you are not willing to do distribution, just send money. If you are not willing to pay, then request papers after somehow proving to the party that you are serious (words won't count). You who will cough up/raise the money to distribute 900 papers each issue and then do the distribution, you are what drives this party forward.

Distribution policies, how you can get involved!

1. As a security matter, make anonymous money orders payable to "MIM." Send to MIM, attn: Camb. branch, PO Box 400559, Cambridge, MA 02140

If you have not sent in money or someone has not sent it in for you, do not expect to receive papers and do not ask to receive them. We are very short-handed and cannot respond to people who decide to do things their own way. If you have sent in the money, and you have not received them within a month, then make sure to complain. There is no other way to figure out what happened, whether your money arrived or whether packages did not get sent or whether packages got sent but did not get delivered.

If someone is not going to send money or has stopped that information needs to get to the Distribution Minister in order to stop sending papers.

2. DISTRIBUTION/CIRCULATION (DISTRO) is not Burger King. We do NOT do customized distro. We don't have the bodies to do it, and believe it or not, everyone's little bit here and there is not worth it to us. The DISTRO level is FINE without any customizing for anyone. That is a CHANGE in how we do things. What's not fine is our level of local/customized activity with flyers/agitation/petitions. We seek help with that.

We do FLYERS with the URL customized for one time events instead of occasional MIM Notes distro. There is no such thing as occasional MIM Notes distro except by DISTRO Central itself. You are either on the annual list by paying annual sums of money or you are not.

3. If you believe you SHOULD be doing distro then you need to work on getting in money first and a means of handling your own customized needs. DISTRO does NOT do it. If you lack the money or regular address or able physical strength, you need to work on those first. If you can pay X dollars a month, take out a loan to get an annual sum of money to MIM and pay the loan back yourself. It cuts down paper work and keeping track of you. RAIL Central may be able to help you think about gathering your resources together. Do not come to DISTRO. If the above sums of money are still a problem, there is nothing wrong with doing flyers at your own leisure and distributing those for your customized situations. It's no crime at all. It costs more in paper, saves it in postage and wasted time. The most expensive double-sided flyer is less money than the cost of sending you a paper and you always know when you are going to get your flyers.

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