PIRAO appeal for translation and literature funding: Russian!

True communists still exist in Russia, the Ukraine and other ex-Soviet lands by the thousands, despite the revisionist betrayals of generations of social-imperialism. Indeed a whole section of the population has at least a vague sense that the people should have finished the job of destroying imperialism on the road pioneered by Stalin and abandoned by Khruschev and successors.

Some of the genuine organizations representing many more comrades than exist in the U$A have requested that MIM expand its work to do Russian translation. There is great demand for web sites, literature and magazines from the contemporary Maoist perspective. Also there is a lively interest in the armed struggles of the Third World. Some of these organizations appear on our web page. We point you to comrades in Obninsk, the Ukraine and others.

In the U$A, there remain very many inspired by the Russian Revolution and who owe much of their own direction in life to 1917. This is no time for despair just because the state-capitalist regime in the USSR collapsed! Quite the contrary, this is the chance to rebuild the movement in Russia on a genuine basis.

Those who would like to pay for efforts in Russian should contact MIM. Today, the Yeltsin regime has sold its people to Western bidders, as billions in wealth exit the country. Many have descended into Third world economic conditions. We must not stand by idly! The Russian proletariat is not wealthy in rubles, but it is wealthy with communist experience and the desire to move forward.

There is a strong will in ex-Soviet Union to return to the communist path, and the material aid of obtaining Russian translation and sending literature to the ex-USSR can help!

We request all our readers to think of those who might be interested in becoming regular sustainers of MIM's Russian language work. New sources of funding and other material support inspired by the Russian example must be found.

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