Maoist Internationalist Movement

Security update

Security Minister

November 4, 2006

Earlier in 2006, the Central Committee announced why we had to shut down Congress. We had infiltrators. Now we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that caused the shutdown of our MIM Congress. Two-thirds of the enemies have crystallized into plain view. The rest will jump out on the way out of the tunnel.

In 2005 and 2006 we have had so much twilight zone shit floating around, it was hard to tell what was going on. Our enemies of course are all lumped together in one imperialist-labor aristocracy alliance. However, their short term goals are somewhat different and sometimes even conflict. MIM has made maximum advantage of that with the Iran conflict.

Since when did Maoists make a big effort to publicize CIA leaders who think Colby was a good CIA director? It simply does not belong in a revolutionary newspaper or openly revolutionary-led mass organization. If you were going to do some intra-imperialist rivalry like that it should be in a mass organization with no ties to the party. The point is obviously to confuse the proletarian camp. We'd like to think that some of those parties in the RIM are real, but alas, obviously anyone still there is totally oblivious, either agents or incompetent beyond use. So the CIA arena was one area.

The FBI and CIA are supposed to work together and sometimes they do, but MIM also has old business where the division matters. If we think in that light, CIA is the long-term threat, the one that tries to make our line disappear internationally. CIA is friendly in some regards and also seeks to use us to cover international business, same with RIM. MIM has less use that way. FBI is usually trying to trap us in this or that stupid thing, but they just as likely might trap someone else by accident. FBI is important in the short-term.

FBI I realize you feel neglected by our last postings. I apologize for that. I suggest people think hard about who has a long-term interest in what you are looking at. Would MIM really be here in 2006 wanting this? Did you see how we handled the FBI informer who turned our whole party in for 9/11 despite her enemies' giving us her address and a host of support? That informer ate up many years of our time. email has been shut down for days.

If MIM email suddenly comes back online, it will be contrary to my orders.

Hence you will know with no ambiguity what is coming from what.

It's like this FBI.
1) Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is for everyone in the world. Notice Mao is dead. Are we all under his centralism? No.

2) Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-MIM Thought is just for the imperialist countries. No one is under MIM centralism except the cell. Separate websites are their own deal.

If that's not what you wanted, you should have thought about it before creating the 50-40-10 situation. However, it's not really your fault: it's the economy. There are more spies than communists, socialists and whatevers combined and that's not counting cops.

We are scrutinizing supposedly new RAIL people. MSG as a concept was never under MIM centralism. There have been no new recruits to MIM centralism since before last Congress. Even if we did reopen membership, it would have to be at a Congress. Got it?

Sure we hyper-link to other cells. We also have a history of hyper-linking to the Center for Disease Control, which is also not under our centralism.

CIA asswipe, unfortunately, someone acted up, but fortunately I gathered more cards in the meantime. So, CIA asswipe, your deal is still good for 9 more days. After four days I may decide to move to clarify something in which case your deal will still be good but you will look in even poorer light than you do now. If you cannot post at, I suggest you post somewhere fast that I can Google. You will not be able to email us.

FBI, you will notice, MIM has not even posted at IRTR in a long time.

If anyone from MIM posts there it is against both the Web Minister's and Security Minister's previous orders.

Such people are subject to purge. We want to make it clear as possible who is causing problems, who is inflaming things, and who has an interest in making it look like MIM is afraid of open trials or ex-comrades.

So MIM is not taking email or sending email. Comrades should clean up their houses, learn new languages, rake the leaves, read security stuff they meant to have read, study the website, go to the library, maybe learn how to become literary and art critics--this is a good time to broaden horizons if one cannot do public opinion or theory-writing without MIM hand-holding.

The Iran conflict shook off some CIA-related deadweight. The FBI problem is going to cost us some support too, the people who support us because they are FBI. That will be in the future. First we deal with CIA. So you see CIA asswipe, it's going to become clear that you have selfish long-term interests in keeping alive a certain problem and making it look ongoing and inflamed, one that the FBI would like to see settled. Can I be any clearer than that? Yes and I will if I have to be. Oh yes, you better believe we are prepared to go to the mat as scrutiny of our Congress resolutions should reveal. Do you think we like not having Congresses? Do you think cell structure is traditional Leninism? We're going to clear this up as we see who does what now. People who are dragging on this conflict are going to gain MIM's first attention. Damn I hope you are smart enough to figure out that I have given you a generous offer. Obviously you are majorly psychologically occluded.

P.S. We have an indication that some of this alleged line we're hearing lately from the CPI(Maoist) is not real. Maybe our enemies need to learn how to read.