Maoist Internationalist Movement

Security update

by Security Minister, December 11, 2006

Do not send MIM emails. MIM no longer accepts them.

MIM now acknowledges heavy government infiltration since the late 1990s. This infiltration has especially lately affected most ordinary areas of MIM work. Our enemy has scored some victories.

We are at the point where we have significant concerns about people who write to MIM. Too many people become excited and risk their own security to write to us. We were especially concerned to hear about an assassination of a comrade in a small Third World organization shortly after it wrote to MIM recently. We do not have sufficient details to conclude any link, but looking at the practices of people who write to us in general, it is time to come to a decision.

The situation of MIM pushing the cell-structure instead of being able to help people from a central point does not look to be improving any time soon. Instead, it looks like MIM is destined to push tactics into a more and more authoritarian direction, by which we mean with a decreased feedback loop from outside. The basic reason for this is parasitism, the growth of the spy and police agencies in the imperialist countries, especially since 9/11. The basic fact of spies and cops outnumbering communists in many imperialist countries has to dictate much of our strategy.

The capitalist class uses the society's surplus to hire people for pet ideological causes and divert them from larger causes of violence than Al-Qaeda for example. Second-hand smoke kills far more people than "terrorism" in the imperialist countries, but the society's economic surplus goes increasingly into useless police, spying and prison activities.

Notes: has an article on growing intelligence recruiting at universities. has an article on whistle-blowers in the FBI too.