This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

October, 2002 monthly website report

by Web Minister, November 1, 2002

Summary statistics comparing October 2001 and October 2002

Statistic October, 2001 October, 2002 % change
Avg. MIM pages served per day 1238 2103 +69.9%
Number of different computers MIM served 13,288 23,853 +79.5%
Number of different MIM files actively chosen from 3101 3717 +19.9%
MIM data transferred 3.132 Gbytes 3.049 Gbytes -2.6%
Amazon visitors sent 94 221 +135.1%

By now it appears that in a good active month, MIM gains 80% annually in distinct users. In an excellent month we gain 100% and in an inactive or poorly coordinated month, we may fall to 60% growth. Our megabytes transferred held up pretty well considering that I took down the archive for the whole web site and the fact that people downloaded only 70 .zip files, down from 155 last year.

The new thing for this month was that "Presumed Guilty" took first place in movie reviews ahead of the "Matrix." "Blackhawk Down" also came in third with "Spiderman" fourth. We had 98, 70, 61 & 57 requests respectively for those reviews. Musically, "Bane" got itself 125 hits in our music review section.

Once again, the Art page traffic was close to home page traffic itself, within 5%. The Black Panther page has also been going back up to levels seen in previous years while the Chinese page has fallen; although it remains true that first and second place for reading on our September 11th page is in Chinese and Spanish respectively.

Our second most popular article was not an article but an old radio show, with 598 hits. Probably thanks to the sniper news this month, the MIM Theory article on DC as the leader of (street-crime) murder in some years had 1269 takers. Somewhat more surprising, our "Classics" page had 1100 takers as did our radio page overall.

Having fallen from popularity in recent months, our "Myths of Mao" article came back up to 397 hits, which is still down from 437 hits a year ago. Our party congress 2002 article defining fascism also had some attention with 339 hits and our "RCP-USA" page was well read with 240 hits. I'm sorry to say that our last minute effort to put up Jose Maria Sison's audio interviews showed only 29 hits on the most popular one.

The agitation page had only 269 hits. However, at least the California bandgcal.pdf received 246 readings. The RAIL rail.html had 209 hits. The DC RAIL page had 159 hits. The imperialist kills page had 151 hits. The lesson to be learned is not to get discouraged in the RAIL and agitating section. If people keep on campaigning and writing stories covering their campaigns and demonstrations, these sections will continue to grow in web traffic.

With regard to language, Spanish resumed second place overall ahead of Chinese because of a big drop-off this month in Chinese readership.

  • 710 Notas Rojas articles taken, 210 for first-place "Yanqui" article on Panama (211 hits in 2001!)
  • 495 visits to our Chinese page, with 185 hits on Tiananmen story
  • 183 visits to our German page
  • 164 visits to French
  • 155 visits to Turkish
  • 132 visits to Russian
  • 115 visits to Swedish
  • 106 visits to Italian
  • 99 visits to Finnish
  • 95 visits to Polish
  • 91 visits to Farsi

    Thus while attention to Chinese fell, German (85 in 2001) and Turkish saw gains in traffic.

    Most popular FAQ pages

    FAQ question # of times requested
    Stalin 137
    World hunger 94
    Tibet 91
    Security 90
    Tiananmen 90

    FAQ reading increased more than 50% over last year, and none of the top three this year were in the top three last year.

    Top five theory articles by number of times requested

    Theory article # times requested
    DC Murder 1269
    Myths of Mao 397
    Congress 2002 fascism definition 339
    What is MIM? 311
    FBI's war on southern California BPP 261 (up from 162 last year)

    Thus, we saw a strong increase in MIM Theory reading.

    Standard disclaimers:
    1. The numbers in these reports are conservative estimates for a number of reasons.
    a. The number of computer users refers to number of computers. The number of users could be higher or lower, because some computers serve pages to more than one individual, because individuals share computers and because conversely individuals use computers in more than one place.

    b. The number of pages served should be thought of as a minimum, because statistics do not count re-readings or re-servings from local computer memory. Nor do they count sharing of pages once downloaded.

    c. Most but not all graphics served are excluded from the figures to cut back on increasing "page" averages just by calling up various graphics. Without specifically programming this, a casual analyst will overcount web traffic thanks to graphics.

    2. Tracking where computers are from is bound to have some error as many wise users intentionally surf the web and leave a false trail. On the other hand, we doubt that such error means that non-U.$. readership is lower than reported, given that we do not count .com, .net and .edu readership.

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