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Maoist Internationalist Movement

1998 MIM Congress Session I

Gender Resolutions

1. Engels said:

"The democratic republic does not do away with the opposition of the two classes; on the contrary, it provides the clear field on which the fight can be fought out. And in the same way, the peculiar character of the supremacy of the husband over the wife in the modern family, the necessity of creating real social equality between them, and the way to do it, will only be seen in the clear light of day when both possess legally complete equality of rights. Then it will be plain that the first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex back into public industry, and that this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society."

The party agrees with this paragraph by Engels.

2. Engels said:

"Full freedom of marriage can therefore only be generally established when the abolition of capitalist production and of the property relations created by it has removed all the accompanying economic considerations which still exert such a powerful influence on the choice of a marriage partner. For then there is no other motive left except mutual inclination."

MIM agrees with this, and says this is proof that our line of "all sex under patriarchy is rape" comes from Engels, so any so-called Marxists who don't agree with us have to own up to disagreeing with Engels.

3. Engels said with marriage, "The supremacy of the man in marriage is the simple consequence of his economic supremacy, and with the abolition of the latter will disappear of itself."

MIM disagrees with this as too economically reductionist. The political power of men, for example, as well as other superstructural stuff, probably will persist beyond the abolition of men's economic supremacy -- as is consistent with the GPCR approach. The supremacy of men might have an economic foundation, but it also has legs of its own in terms of reproduction and sex in particular.

MC12 says:

All systems of oppression include a division of labor, as well as other forms of oppression. That includes class, nation, and gender. All systems of gender oppression have included a gender division of labor -- without exception that we know of in history or the present. Communists oppose the division of labor between groups, because this is always part of inequality and usually oppression. In China, they sought to reduce the division of labor between men and wimmin, just like they did between town and country, and between intellectual and manual workers, etc. Therefore, MIM agrees that eliminating gender oppression requires as a necessary but not sufficient condition the elimination of the division of labor between men and wimmin as groups.

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