This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.

Maoist Internationalist Movement

Note from the Chair

September 22 2007

MIM has not been able to express its appreciation for its supporters. MIM does not really mean to criticize anyone ideologically in particular in relation to security. What we are emphasizing at this time is that we are devolving away from this cell.

No one has anything to prove to this cell. That is not the reason we are decentralizing. MIM would definitely be wrong to leave the impression that we diss ours readers supporting us. Any such idea was a misunderstanding, so we need to get toward the devolution work.

True, Marx said the proletariat gets the leaders it deserves. The anarchists make much of the corruption of the leaders, but there is also the case where leaders are better than the situation allows. So those leaders become lost to the cause. Anarchism can give rise to ultra-leftism.

At the moment, of course right opportunism predominates in general. However, in MIM's push for decentralization and cells and not trying to prove something to this cell or even support it too much, the lack of discipline can be from ultra-leftism.

This cell's work has been badly infiltrated for quite some time. That in no way means we have given up the fight, but sometimes we have to acknowledge defeats before we advance. Many in our circles are unused to this idea. MIM is unable to communicate effectively with the many who wish to support us and that by itself is a good reason not to get caught up in too much hyper-centralism or supporting this cell.

MIM appreciates past work put into making this web page, ranging from security to translation. There will continue to be work on this page, but if you do not have access to this web page's .html development, you should not count yourself as someone who should be supporting this cell. Perhaps at some future date, this cell will think of a better way of communicating, at which time it would start with communicating the extent and history of infiltration. Without this communication from MIM, MIM looks both more informed and less informed than it is. MIM is also unable to defend others as well as they need to be defended.

Currently this cell is still playing offense and stalemate type work. While that is going on others need to prepare the next upsurge.

Recently, the Mideast situation improved dramatically for the oppressed. That has created an opportunity for MIM to refocus its work--batten down the hatches. On international questions generally, this cell has battened down the hatches well.

There is only one area where we have to continue to maintain a slight link to others and we have not battened down the hatches quite effectively yet. Those who know MIM comrades in-the-flesh and face attack for that reason fall into two categories: 1) those who can contact us directly and generally do contact us directly. 2) those who cannot. We are concerned about this latter category.

For those inside u.$. borders who it is inconvenient to contact this cell, fortunately many will face no prospect of attack by the state. Or perhaps the state spies on them, but there is nothing imminently political that the state objects to. There is a small handful of people who may face a situation where the state will attack them for intensely political reasons and in connection to this cell. These people need the authority to "pull the trigger" without waiting for the Chair even. They need to be able to count on the Chair for defensive purposes and launch defense that may drag in the Chair. MIM is not talking about pseudo-leftists or cocktail chatters, just people with a connection with MIM that may cause them to be targets. So a few people will need to get used to thinking that they may need to act quicker and more aggressively than this cell to be on the proper alert status. Running proper defense may mean outracing the Chair and dragging in the Chair in some very limited circumstances.

MIM is not saying that two weeks after raising the Maoist flag one will earn the enmity of the state to the extent we are talking about here. However, over time, the imperialists' grievances increase. At this moment, the imperialists would assist a thousand phony communists in an exchange for stopping what MIM is doing. Failure to understand that accurately could result in a security mistake. There is no one in MIM running for office or otherwise needing to make bragging claims, but we still have to understand the relative value of things in the class struggle.

This cell is calling for devolution. We don't want to hear about points contrary to that, except when someone outside this cell needs to drag us out for their own defense or to get ahead of the state's attack. If for purposes of defense or keeping control of a situation, someone needs to "pull the trigger" and drag in MIM and its identity, then that is OK and we can be counted on. Otherwise, we should all be on the devolution page.