This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.

Maoist Internationalist Movement

1998 MIM Congress: Session I

Resolutions on United Front

[MIM passed a number of resolutions on the United Front in February, 1998 inspired by struggle concerning Jericho, other specific struggles and right opportunist line generally. The following are the ones involving the most general principles.]

1. In no English-speaking imperialist country, Spanish speaking internal or external colony or in the internal oppressed nations of imperialism will MIM provide free publicity for non-MIM-led organizations until that time when MIM recognizes fraternal Maoist organizations there except in cases of critical reviews in which we express our disagreements.

2. Demonstrations not initiated by MIM or its affiliated organizations may be endorsed and joined by MIM, but all publicity in such connection must build a RAIL or other MIM organization contingent and not some non-MIM-led organization or rally with the exception of fraternal Maoist party-led things covered in already existing policies.

3. MIM will not run the articles of other organizations in its press except as letters requiring critical response unless they are by Maoist or Maoist-led organizations, as previously defined in policies regarding fraternal parties.

4. There will be no more favorable uncriticized references to the Zapatistas or bourgeois nationalists (including Islamics) in MIM publications. Since MIM is the vanguard in Puerto Rico, there will be no favorable uncriticized references to other organizations there either, until that time there is a Puerto Rican MIP. This does not mean criticism has to be only one-sided if criticism or interaction is only starting or if there is something correct to defend amidst incorrectness, but we must criticize what is incorrect.

MIM has had difficulties with the united front. Our work should feature the following simplified guidelines.

1. NO LIQUIDATION -- maintain the possibility and capability of criticizing our allies, since we represent the proletarian pole.

2. HARD BARGAINS -- look for what we are getting from the deal with other classes.

3. NO PIMPING -- the most backward masses should be able to see what the difference is between us and our allies, except for fraternal parties on issues that are not the third cardinal.

4. NO NEO-COLONIALISM -- always keep the perspective of the international proletariat and do not use the UF as an occasion to cut "a special deal" for one oppressed nationality.

5. NO TROTSKYISM -- uphold the national question and alliances with classes that have any interest however temporary against U.$. imperialism.

6. NO TAILING -- take initiative in UF activities or don't get involved at all. See also NO PIMPING and NO LIQUIDATION. Either the proletariat leads or we stay out.

[The resolutions above all passed unanimously. The following assorted resolutions also passed.]

[This resolution below failed, but reasons why it failed passed.]

1.RAIL is sanctioned by MIM to endorse a campaign or resolution if it serves RAIL's purpose of building opposition to prison spending in the above or related situations, including in the situation when signing a name would mean having RAIL listed with slimy revisionist front groups.


3b. The reason [the resolution failed] is that the campaign and resolution are ultimately led by and work in the interests of the petty bourgeoisie, not in the interests of the proletariat. And for RAIL or MIM or MIM-led organizations to attempt to add an addendum to the resolution and the campaign, we would be sneaking in the minority view.

B. Endorsement of an event, rally, march, or other agitation program is defined as signing onto the event as endorsers, co-sponsors or supporters in the literature that any group will distribute which promotes the event. In addition, the masses can hold MIM and party-led organizations accountable for endorsing an event if the publicity or agitation presented by the Party and party-led organizations promotes organizing for the event.

F.Contingents of comrades and masses sent by the Party or its organizations can be sent to events for the purpose of building the Party and its projects/organizations. These contingents can promote the event as long as there is simultaneous and more in-depth coverage of the independent contingent. For example, these contingents can send out flyers stating that they are organizing to attend Jericho for the purpose of building what MIM-led organizations are building, but it should be clear that the sole purpose is not the one day, it should be clear that the purpose is broader mobilization.

G.In the case of Jericho, correct organization would have meant billing the event as what it is - revolutionary nationalist led. But it would have meant we use slogans such as "Build support for the People's leaders, their release and amnesty." This slogan is correct and the title/slogan "Build Jericho" is incorrect.

H.Included in correct organizing of a contingent would be giving credit where credit is due. For example, stating that NALF is mobilizing Jericho is fine. Stating that MIM is mobilizing people to attend Jericho is incorrect. Stating that MIM is mobilizing people to send a contingent to organize people at the Jericho march which is organized by NALF is (wordy) but correct.

I.The current policy: "In more intermediate situations we can send messages hailing the correct parts while withholding endorsement overall." This policy should not be interpreted as meaning that we can organize to support the correct parts of events as parts of the event. It should be interpreted as meaning that we support the goals and can state that the event is good in that is highlights these goals. But we should not spend resources stating that we should organize for the event itself. Instead, maintain discussion of the goals and not the event itself.

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