This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
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MIM has little patience for talking about "anarchists" who are really just libertarians. Here we refer to those anarchists who believe communism is a prerequisite for their definition of anarchism. Most imperialist country libertarians believe that minimizing the state requires the institution of private property. We seek to abolish the state, which is why we find communist anarchists of interest.

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    Self-description: A one persyn company selling things.

    Comments: This comrade is one of the better anarchists. If you have to be an anarchist, be a J. Sakai supporting anarchist like Kersplebedeb.

    Here is an article from Sakai on the WTO protests that we have a high degree of unity with.

    Anarchist Federation
    A review of the Anarchist Federation's newspaper

    The Anti-Capital Web
    The Anti-Capital Web

    MIM Notes 123, October 1, 1996

    This mostly anarchist site makes some good critiques of decadent capitalist culture and the so-called information age -- including the majority of the Web itself, which it aptly compares to television -- but like typical anarchists, stops short of providing an alternative theory or practice to supporting the status quo. Its goal is clear enough: "Abolish wage labor, commodity production, the state and capital." But its proposed action, at its clearest, is "subversion" and the site says "They gave us enough rope. It's time to hang them with it."

    Against Sleep And Nightmare,(ASAN) "a marxist and Situationist influenced" zine housed on this site, identifies the oppression of neo-colonialism in Palestine and El Salvador, the bourgeois media- supported campaign lies of Republicans and Democrats, and the general evils of imperialist culture. But in its critique of culture, ASAN makes little distinction between the material and the cultural realms of society. While it states that "War is a continuation of social peace by more extreme means," it lapses into a culture-driven explanation for that. "Social peace is based on most people's acceptance of the 'mundane' daily routine of the modern world. Dull work, television and the police create a world that is already militarized."(1)

    MIM also says "World War III is on," referring to the ongoing imperialist aggression against the Third World. And we agree that television supports militarist ideology and the imperialist agenda. But blaming television implies that if we just create revolutionary culture in the present political economy, we can combat militarism. We need to create revolutionary culture so we can build the revolutionary forces and overthrow imperialism. Speaking of culture, the Anti-Capital Web says, "every new tool is a two-edged sword. Capitalist society needs the free-flow of information even if Senate crazies try to reign it in. This gives revolutionaries a chance to gnaw at the guts of the rotten corpse of America. But we will only succeed if we attack the very fabric of system. Starting with the web itself."(2)

    Again, revolutionaries should absolutely use this still cheap technology to spread anti-imperialist material as widely as possible -- but we cannot fall into the same information fetish that the imperialists promote. We produce revolutionary literature so we can build the revolutionary forces.

    The Anti-Capital Web is also anti-nations and anti- nationalism. While this is not particularly new for anarchists, they also claim that "every racial nationalist is willing to stand with every other racial nationalist. And every nation is based on the ideology of race." Maoists, by contrast, recognize that with the principal contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nations, the proletarian led national liberation struggle is the most effective strategy for overthrowing imperialism. For MIM, the concept of nation is not based on a "racial" ideology -- it replaces the bourgeois, pseudo-scientific category "race" with an analysis of a material formation, nation.

    So without an analysis of nations, the Anti-Capital Web cannot correctly analyze class oppression, and rails against "consumer culture" and "suburbia" as the death knell of class consciousness among white workers, rather than recognizing their alliance with imperialism based on their share of Third World superprofits.

    2. WEB/welcome.html

    Arsenal: A Magazine of Anarchist Strategy and Culture
    1573 N. Milwaukee Ave. PMB #420
    Chicago, IL 60622 USA

    Our review of Arsenal #5

    Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
    Lorenzo Komboa Ervinís Errors On Political Line, Skin Color, And Material Conditions

    Fifth Estate

    Fifth Estate
    PO Box 02548
    Detroit, MI 48202

    Self-Description: Longtime anarchist tabloid. Comments: Strong on environmental issues. Wild, but little idea how to build a revolution. Further Info: Review and "Fifth Estate on the Bolsheviks," MT8 ($6).

    Kick It Over

    Kick It Over
    PO Box 5811
    Station A
    Toronto, ONT M5W 1P2

    International Workers of the World

    International Workers of the World
    c/o International Workers Distribution
    PO Box 2056
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106

    $15.00 per year (monthly)

    Self-Description: Represents anarcho-syndicalism in U.S.

    Comments: Also called Wobblies.

    Further Info: Review, MT8 ($6); Letter and response, MT10 ($6); On IWW's place in history: J. Sakai, Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat ($9)

    The Shadow

    The Shadow
    PO Box 20298
    New York, NY 10009

    Self-Description: Anarchist newspaper.

    Comments: General anarchist news about New York. Excellent coverage of housing struggles. Sometimes anti-imperialist. Focoist. Further Info: Review, MT8 ($6).