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Maoist Internationalist Movement

Again on the arrest of comrade Gonzalo

February 5 2008

With death threats against MIM, it is imperative that we attempt once again to address the greatest blow to communist hopes since 1976, the arrest of Comrade Gonzalo in Peru. A CIA agent involved in contributing to Gonzalo's arrest was a white male speaking Spanish and with knowledge of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist teachings--and as of now we have verified this with one source. The main blame for Gonzalo's capture lies with the imperialists and their lackeys, because of the "occupational hazards" of revolution. Nonetheless, Gonzalo shares partial blame for his own capture by disarming his own security ideologically.

It was the hope of many in the 1980s and early 1990s that Gonzalo in Peru would turn out to be both a genuine communist and successful revolutionary. He did have the most successful communist movement of his time, but he ended up captured and put in prison for life in 1992.

In 1980, the "Covert Action Information Bulletin" available and distributed by Gonzalo's comrades published a CIA document on how "deep cover" is arranged. The 1980 article specifically mentioned the space services of other countries and communist parties as two targets for infiltration:

"For a Western service, penetration into an Orbit installation or the leadership of a Communist party are types of missions for which deep cover of indefinite durability may be required."

Now it is time to criticize the Peruvian comrades ruthlessly for their own contribution to enabling the CIA.

  • MIM raised the struggle against Trotskyism and its single world party idea since before there was the RIM single party Gonzalo joined. Gonzalo lightly joked on the topic the same way that RCP=CIA has all this time.
  • Even after the arrest of Gonzalo, Peruvians could be found saying "only" MIM talks about crypto-Trotskyism.
  • When MIM published on Internet Mao's words on dissolving the Comintern, a Peruvian cursed us as "academic." No Peruvians we met were aware of Stalin's and Mao's position.
  • No Peruvian we met was familiar with Lenin on the "seal of parasitism" being on whole countries.
  • No Peruvian we met was familiar with what Mao said in the Selected Works about armed struggle in imperialist countries. Only after struggle was this finally grudgingly admitted, only because it was in black-and-white from Mao.
  • No Peruvian disowned Avakian for his attacks on "Lin Biaoism."

    To his credit, Gonzalo did sit his Central Committee down and have them discuss hegemonism within the RIM and he published a document from that. Gonzalo also had his Central Committee discuss whether there should be a world party, but he never evidenced any knowledge of what Stalin and Mao had said or reasons why Trotsky's position should be resuscitated. Nor was there any discussion how the CIA builds cover from inside the u$a first in many cases.

    Without Gonzalo's being decisively correct on this question, there were bound to be problems in a military situation where the main force was peasants. In lower levels of the organization, MIM found military rigidity and aridness, and an inability to connect line and strategy, an inability to reason concretely.

    Reinforcing this problem was the RCP=CIA. It held that 90% of the U.$. population was "objectively revolutionary." The Peruvians in exile went out into France to conduct canvassing work as if Avakian and Gonzalo knew what they were talking about. They did not. No revolution came about in France.

    Instead of white males imminently about to become revolutionary, such that Avakian's slogan was "Revolution in the '80s, Go for it!"--the Peruvians in fact encountered Amerikan white males from the CIA. Having been told that 90% of Amerikans were objectively revolutionary, the Peruvians were disarmed when it came to dealing with the reality of deep cover and international operations. The CIA was on a mission exactly at that time to have agents spend years in the united $tates building business or hobby covers for international operations.

    The lying sacks of shit from the RCP=CIA told people of distant lands to expect 90% revolutionaries from the united $tates. They swindled many people of peasant background with little education and no thorough concrete knowledge of the imperialist countries. Reality was that in the 1960s, chances would have been better IF those white males Peruvians were meeting had been youth, because in the 1960s there were that many young people thinking about revolution even in the united $tates. By the 1980s and early 1990s, spies outnumbered communists by far in the united $tates, but instead of expecting exploiters, Peruvians expected benevolent white males as exemplified by Avakian's omnipresent picture. Everywhere the RCP=CIA newspaper went, the masses received the wrong impression, a completely upside-down distortion of the general facts. Ideologically disarmed, the Peruvian masses and their allies south of the U.$. border could not contribute to the defense of comrade Gonzalo.

    Every step of the way, before RIM even existed, MIM was there saying RCP=CIA was wrong. So these crimes of the RCP=CIA cannot be excused for "not knowing better." We told them their "Conquer the World" document was wrong. We told them they were Trotskyists in our very foundation struggle. The Covert Action Information Bulletin they themselves distributed told them that the CIA used U.$.-based covers before going to the Third World. Nonetheless, Gonzalo and Avakian kept to Trotskyism, Gonzalo going so far as to admit that the RIM was "principally" a U.$.-led phenomenon. In the late 1980s, the Peruvians noted MIM as "coming on strong," but they did not listen to us that the majority of Amerikans are exploiters. Instead of preparing the masses, the PCP ended up with Gonzalo captured--with the help of an Amerikan white male CIA agent enabled by the RCP=CIA. Contact with the masses is a disadvantage to the revolutionary struggle, if the supposed revolutionaries feed the masses incorrect information.