Brickley's Unit denies healthcare and grievances, creates dangerous conditions

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Brickley's Unit denies healthcare and grievances, creates dangerous conditions

Below are 10 stated facts of oppression here at Brickley's Unit of ADC:

( 1) there is no air conditioning in cell-blocks, isolation cells, or several population barracks.

(2) Sleep deprivation is constant in cell-blocks, isolation and population due to the excessive heat and non-stop noise. Yet in population everyone is forced to work monday-friday without pay under such conditions - - else they will receive a disciplinary and lose their class, privileges, visits, phone, commissary and eventually receive isolation time for refusing.

(3) There are only 2 shower-heads to each barracks in population, yet shower times are between 4:30pm and 10:30pm. If caught taking showers out of that time frame, one is subject to disciplinary action.

(4) Obtaining proper medical attention is hard in population but even harder in cell-blocks and isolation. Once seen, after the initial $3.00 copay fee from the previous sick-call, the nurse/doctor will only prescribe you the cheapest and bare minimum of medicines so as soon as that expires, if your problem persists, one has to pay another $3.00 copay fee to get those meds renewed. Also, since I've been in the cell-blocks and ISO, I have received other peoples' medicine at pill-call instead of my own several times.

(5) Mental-health doesn't care what happens to inmates here at Brickey's. Over 20 people have allegedly killed themselves or died smoking (K2) over the past 3 months of me transferring here. I myself was and still am having problems with my mental-health medication. Despite me writing several requests to mental health, writing grievances and overstating to my case manager that I need to see the psychiatrist because my meds weren't working. Nothing has been done about it, that is why I locked myself down. Since then, every time one of the mental health people make their rounds I verbally tell them the same thing, yet to no avail. I even spoke to classification about this ongoing/worsening issue, yet they keep trying to release me back to population despite that I've written and verbally stated due to my mental health state, until I see the psychiatrist again and be placed meds that actually help me, I am a threat to security and don't need to be in population. They don't care! Also, every time they try and release me/force me to go back to population and I don't, I receive another disciplinary.

(6) I am currently in a cell that leaks through the ceiling and outside wall onto my mat and table when it rains. In population, several barracks downstairs always flood when water comes under the outside doors during rains.

(7) Ants, roaches, mice and spiders are a major problem with the kitchen and cells.

(8) In the cell-blocks and in isolation cells, drinks are served 2-3 hours before every meal. By the time food is served, it is usually cold from sitting around waiting to be served. Also, when the drinks are served they are hot or lukewarm a lot of the time and there's always things floating in it. Our water in general is dingy brown and often stinks.

(9) It is very hard to get paperwork back here (especially grievances). Once grievances are finally obtained, written and ready to be signed by a Sgt. or above, they will often walk right past your cell without signing them even when you ask them to. Also, mail is an issue in general - - as far as one receiving it from the outside world. My mail has been lost several times since I transferred here.

(10) Most of the TVs are busted out in every cell-block, preventing inmates from watching mandatory news or institutional movies.