COVID-19 Stats From Cummins Unit, Arkansas

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COVID-19 Stats From Cummins Unit, Arkansas

Revolutionary Greetings,

The COVID-19 coronavirus first appeared in late-March here when a guard was first reported as testing positive. By mid-April things started getting completely out of order here. The trays started coming erratically and became super shitty. The kitchen was basically shut down and the food quality became very poor and there was hardly anything on the trays. By the beginning of May we maxed out with 967 prisoners testing positive (Cummins unit houses about 1800), 51 guards and 9 dead (all prisoners).

The ACLU and the NAACP have helped prisoners file a class action lawsuit against Warden Culdager for her failure to act in a proper and timely manner in not quarantining prisoners correctly. Out of all their policies and rules either they had no contingency plan for something like this or they failed at following through with it. Everything has gotten mostly back to normal except the kitchen still seems to be milking the situation for all it’s worth. The trays are still horrible and missing a significant amount of calories and nutrients we are used to getting. Thankfully, I ducked and dodged the coronavirus all the way to the present, but no thanks to the warden.

In Struggle.