Dangerous medical neglect in Texas

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Dangerous medical neglect in Texas

Last time I wrote we was on lockdown because someone murdered their cellie. We came off lockdown for only a little over a month. Now we are BACK on lockdown because someone stabbed a law. We have a new warden, rumor is we will be on lockdown 60 days. If so this will be 4 months out of 2017 the whole unit had to spend on cell lockdown. NO rec. NO 1 hour outside dayroom, only time you come out is showers Tue. Thur. Sat., or if you put in to see nurse.

Now I thought we was supposed to have rec time. But I guess that's long-term seg time. Well this is 3rd wk. lockdown so that's 3 months out of this year. THAT'S LONG-TERM to me. Also no commissary. So we can't buy stamps. We are allowed 5 letters a month. We have to use lineless print paper.

Since I've been back from my bench warrant, they placed me on top bunk on the 2nd row. I wrote a grievance because I have Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome and M.V.P. - mitral valve prolapse. Irregular heartbeat that can sometimes cause you to pass out. I've fallen off the bottom bunk a few times, and have been walking and had to lay down cause I felt as if I was going to pass out. I had an "ablation" heart surgery when I was 17. I'm 28 now. On my step 1, after 30 days they got a 45 day extension then told me they will do nothing they trust the opinion of their medical staff, nurses, doctors. I had a heart specialist and a heart electrophysiologist best doctor in the world. I wrote my step 2 a week ago and told them pretty much same thing that was in 1st grievance. But I added that sometimes I have to sleep on floor with rats & roaches for fear of cracking my head open on falling off the top bunk.