Do Prisoner Lives Really Matter?

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Do Prisoner Lives Really Matter?

On Sunday, 3 March, 2019, a fellow prisoner passed away in afternoon yard. One minute he was talking with his buddies, going around the track, the next he was on the ground not breathing. Not surprisingly, the COs took their good old time responding to the scene, even though the man dropped not even 100 yards from where they were stationed. It took medical staff 15 minutes to respond after the call went in on the walkie. Since then, I found out several things.

1) DOC staff are not put through CPR training at their academy. Only medical staff are mandated to take this training.

2) Prisoners are not permitted to do CPR on any persyn, even if trained on the streets, or even if they could potentially save a life. Serious consequences can and will result, if a prisoner performs CPR on anyone.

3) Medical staff admit that the man might have lived if the response time was seen the slightest bit faster.

4) DOC staff couldn't give a shit about any persyn other than one of their own.

I, along with many other prisoners, are outraged at this situation. How many more prisoners must suffer and die at the hands of DOC officials and their nonsense rules? I refuse to sit back and do nothing. Awareness is key here. I plan on making other organizations, including several news companies and prisoner organizations, aware of the problem and the tragedy that occurred yesterday. I want the appropriate officials held fully accountable. I want to make it clear that ALL Lives Matter and no oppression will be tolerated. Thanks for giving one a voice. Thanks for giving victims a voice. Together we will fight oppression. We are the true United We Stand!