Ely Opening Up

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Ely Opening Up

The Nevada DOC at Ely State Prison (ESP) is currently making changes. ESP is NV. Max. We are locked down 24 hours a day (23, but no one goes to the box they call a yard). It has been this way for years. In the past 6 months it has changed.

Unit 5 is now open. They get access to the big yard, store, and microwaves. Unit 6 is open, with the tier being opened up 9 rooms (both top and bottom) at a time. Unit 7, well units 7 and 8 are still locked down all day. We have porters who clean, but 7 s supposed to open up soon, wichin a couple months, with 4 cells being allowed on the tier at a time.

So ESP, which has been a total lockdown yard since the late 90s, is finally opening up again.