Employee Positions in Virginia Prison Wasting Money

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Employee Positions in Virginia Prison Wasting Money

Over my years inside prison I've witnessed "new positions" created in DOC without a corresponding increase in workload. It's not a situation where two employees cannot keep up with the demand so a third is hired. No, the increase in staffing positions has involved manipulation of terms in order to obtain higher pay grades. Example: creation of the position of unit manager. The Unit Manager is not considered security so the rate of pay isn't subject to the caps on what is paid based on rank, e.g., lieutenant, captain, etc, are all capped.

Yet a Unit Manager does the same work that was formerly assigned to lieutenants. In fact, each housing unit, or building, continues to have a "Building Lieutenant" in addition to now having a "Unit Manager." Only a Unit Manager's pay and benefits isn't subject to the limitations of lieutenant.

Also recently created is the position of Evidence Based Practices Manager. It's a $50k+ position that involves such complicated issues as distributing toilet paper, or checking to see that beds are made. I'm serious.

Enclosed is a request form listing some of the many "employee positions." A few of the more ridiculous ones are: EBP/Reentry Manager – There are no re-entry programs at most facilities, so what does this person do? Chief of Security, Institutional Safety Specialist, Operations Manager and B&G Superintendent – same tasks but made into four positions