Ex-TDCJ Officer Confirms Corruption

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Ex-TDCJ Officer Confirms Corruption

I am an ex-officer for TDCJ (as in very recently.) I can probably answer questions you may have about the training that is given and other insider information. Being on both sides of the fence has opened my eyes to a lot.

For instance, you are correct as to the corruption of the discipline courts. I myself have been ordered to lie about them and at court hearings of inmates. A flat-out lie that cost some inmates good time and classification levels. All done in fear for my own job and the rank higher than me.

I can also say now after being incarcerated for approximately 10 months that I have found that it's the system itself that makes the offenders act the way they do. I am here just to do my time and get out but the officers are the ones who make it so I can't.

The TDCJ system is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up. The offenders would be happier ans the officers would also do better.