Follow up to “Inspired to Act” in ULK 58

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[Abuse] [Ellis Unit] [Texas]

Follow up to “Inspired to Act” in ULK 58

I’m now writing from segregation. They have really gone off the rails now. The L/L staff now disallow nonverbal communication as well as verbal communications. I found this out by allowing the prisoner seated next to me in the L/L to read my memorandum. He didn’t make it to page 2 before a staff member (same one who stole my legal documents out of my cell) came up and SNATCHED my memo out of his hands.

Knowing that this act was, once again, generated by the A.T.C. supervisor/law librarian I got up and asked her “under what rule do you have my legal document taken?” I was expelled from the L/L when, in response to her telling me to sit down, I asked the question a second time. According to the A.T.C. 040 and VIII we are allowed to pass legal material during a session in the L/L.

I packed my stuff up and signed out. Then I asked for my legal document—which, by the way, is exhibit “B” in my active TORT action where these two state employees are named defendants. She stared at the ceiling (15 feet from me) and ignored me. I stated “I want my damn document” and palmed the counter twice to get her attention. What I did was wake up the Medusa within her. I found out 3 hours later that in doing what I did I:

1) threatened to inflict harm on an officer (?)
2) disobeyed a direct order (?)
3) used vulgar language or gesture (??) (Damn)
4) Then the “troll” staff member fabricated that I said to her, “Woo, if we were in the free world” which too is sensationalized into “threatening to inflict harm on an officer”…HA! (Those words never passed my lips).

At the same time I was in neither within 15 feet of the “threatened” officer.

My ultimate disgrace is that no inmate interviewed gave a useful accounting or admitted that I did not say what the “troll” staff member claims I said. My brothers in incarceration left me high and dry giving zero support. Shame shame on every one of them. Institutionalized scared pussies. They just don’t realize that these folks only do to us that which we allow. We make these units TDCJ run.

What these defendants have done have elevated my state TORT action to a state 1983 civil rights violation suit. Due to their conspiratorial relative acts. I will prevail!!

In getting put into lock up these F…olks have…oops…misplaced 12 of my law books and my dictionary.