Foreign Nationals Denied Programming

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[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Foreign Nationals Denied Programming

As Trump yells about his wall to any that will listen and white supremacy has an upswing of 22%-50%, we here in High Desert State Prison (here after HDSP) see the effects of imperialism on the foreign national, who is unable to attend the same programs, schooling or get the same jobs as prisoners that were born here.

The foreign national population here at HDSP is subject to longer sentences, parole board rejections, and job discrimination due to their status as non-citizens and inability to produce a valid Social Security Card/Number. This is a violation of their rights as well as a weak attempt by the NDOC to squeeze every minute of time they can get out of the foreign nationals sentence.

This clearly race based policy and campaign of oppression is used to keep the foreign national under the jack boots of the state and milk the foreign nationals' family for more funds to support their incarcerated family member, who, if employed by the state, could offset the costs of living by working and learning a trade.

Further by denying access to education to the foreign national the state shows just how much rehabilitation means to them. (Not at all!) Most of the men I know want to work and learn and make the most of this vile place so they never return. But the NDOC stacks the deck against them and then attempts to blame them for failures the NDSOC has caused.

This racist policy must be eliminated at once. So comrades please send me any and all information you're able to so that I can help fight for the rights of all foreign nationals.

Call director James Dzurenda and warden Brian E. Williams Sr. and tell them that you're aware of their ongoing campaign of oppression and lack of fucks given for the vast number of foreign nationals they opt to abuse and maroon by refusing to let them program!

The NDOC is decades behind the times on prisoners rights, parole board control over release of prisoners, re-entry of prisoners into the community, and rehabilitation of prisoners. The only way to stop the abuses is for everyone to form a united front, call Carson City and complain.

Post this on the internet, tell your friends, YELL IT from the rooftops! Prison is not a place for rehabilitation it's a place of vengeance, retaliation and oppression and more often than not it all plays out on men that would be better served with treatment for their issues instead of being locked in a cage and treated like slaves.

I am calling for a national strike from June first 2019 until the NDOC (and other like minded departments of correction and "rehabilitation") lift the ban on foreign nationals ability to program, and allows them all to rehabilitate themselves the same as any citizen is able.

Let the pigs clean the tiers, serve the food, sweep the yard and see how they like not having "slaves" to do all the dirty work for them!

Power to the people! Anything else is criminal.