Georgia Tier II violating human rights

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Georgia Tier II violating human rights

I'm writing to let you all know of the way Georgia prison system have broke the very soul of us prisoners. Not only have they broken the souls of many, but they're using our own kind (prisoners) to oppress for them.

Here in Georgia, they have a program Tier II that's violating a lot of the human rights. It's a 9 month program as you're told, but any type of rebellious actions will lead to a prisoner doing years on said program. The cells are very nasty, bugs are always getting on us behind these doors, the food is very small amounts, cold and if one speaks out too loud then you do not eat per the supervisor. The grievance process is a joke, there's a copy of what the chief counselor sent me, for a grievance that I wrote 3 months ago, funny how the lady put January 3, 2016 isn't it.

I'm an inmate who's been on this said program Tier II farce. The Tier II program has 3 stages that one must complete. We have had many brothers who have stopped eating, but all is done placed on a strip cell. I myself have set many cells on fire, been tasered, and pepper sprayed for standing up for the rights of us prisoners.

A lot of the world was stressing Black Lives Matter, what about inmates lives matter? Every other day in some city or state a prisoner dies from hands of the overseers. I'm located in Valdesta State prison, in Georgia where prisoners have been murdered, beat, etc. The saddest that I have witnessed two fellow brothers of mine started a fire and the officers did nothing, being that both of 'em was trying to not do their jobs. When we prisoners started kicking and banging on the door, due to the smoke was very thick in the dorm, they then chose to come in the dorm and went to the cell that was ablaze and asked did the prisoners wish to see mental health. To make a sad story short, both prisoners died due to the smoke.

I'm very sad to say that only about 15 prisoner stood up on September 9, 2016. Others just talked about it. Today is January 9, 2017 and it's been 3 hours since the officers last came in the dorm to check on us inmates. I've been beating on the door and yelling to get their attention. Well I was just dropping you all some words letting you know what's going on. I will keep you updated on what all me and others are doing to free ourselves of this slave lockdown.