Grievances lost or ignored in Georgia

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Grievances lost or ignored in Georgia

Today I'm writing in hopes of somebody in you all's organization to be of some kind of assistance concerning a few issues. As we both know I'm in a rather oppressed state and very racial as well, so therefore please understand that the majority of prisoners locked up are "locked up" mental wise. Now my issues are concerning, 1st the grievance procedure: Once I file a very important grievance with one or two witness statements by other inmates that live around me, it either gets lost or comes back late every time stating "insufficient evidence" ten times out of ten. There has to be a next step to take.

Here is the last major grievance I filed. I'm in Highmax/Tier 3 program on 23 hour lockdown and two COs were serving dinner trays. These COs are two cells away from me when an inmate throws feces out on both officers. They yell at him and call him a nigger, yes the COs both are white and even give him a DR for his actions. The worst part was they continued to serve trays. Me and the man next door to me didn't know what was going on until we got our trays, and then ol' boy said hey don't eat the trays I shit those bitches down! So I get on the door make noise to get the officers attention because I get served last, I was in the last cell and haven't ate none of my tray. My next door neighbor say what! So anyways we did not eat that night and we both filed a grievance and statement for each other. Nothing happened!

40 something days later a counselor came to my door and said "insufficient evidence"! There's cams everywhere in this prison so ol' boy got a DR plus common sense he lived in the cell before me, I get fed last. Now I have not filed many grievances since I've been incarcerated and the ones I have filed always get overlooked, lost, or I don't have enough evidence for it to be investigated. There has to be some next step to force these people to stop hiding what prisoners do complain about. We are in a double whammy here at this prison, one minute it's you're in the program, the next its you're on Highmax, right now there is prisoners who don't get yard call "fresh air" 1 hour a day.