Guards still beating prisoners in Florida

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Guards still beating prisoners in Florida

Greetings comrades! I’m writing to report the events that have transpired through the middle of June. On June 17, 2017 at approximately 3:50pm eight correctional officers were witnessed jumping on a prisoner in handcuffs in the middle of the compound. Medical staff had to wheel that prisoner out on a stretcher. Turns out that prisoner was affiliated to the Bloods and on June 21 at first work call multiple members of the Bloods began attacking officers for their involvement in the beating.

As of now we are on a level 3 lockdown while administration tries to sort this mess out. Warden Blackwood knows his officers are responsible yet he continues to allow them to put hands on prisoners while administration covers up their dirty work. Grievances are a joke; no matter what level we file them to they will still be denied and beatings will continue.

Last year I wrote in about the brutal response on Gulf Annex to peaceful protesters. It was because of these same beatings that took place last year why prisoners at Gulf Annex had a sit down. Nothing has changed here but a calendar, until Warden Blackwood and his entire administration team are fired and replaced we will continue to suffer abuse from the hands of these pigs. We need help from the outside world by publishing these events to shed some light on what's really going on at Gulf Annex. Responding to violence with violence is not the answer. All the loved ones we have in the free world aren't making much a difference with they phone calls and their concerns for our well being. Maybe if the Feds looked into all these brutal attacks being swept under and start arresting these officers they'd think twice about jumping on prisoners.