Hamilton CI Abuse by Officer Covered Up

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[Abuse] [Hamilton Correctional Institution] [Florida]

Hamilton CI Abuse by Officer Covered Up

On 18 May between 9 and 9:30 a.m. I was being taken out of my cell in confinement, to be seen for a medical check up. I was handcuffed by officer Smith and along side him was officer Horn. Now as the door rolled open, I stepped out of my cell and immediately turned to officer Smith and asked him would he please escort me downstairs instead of officer Horn, who in the past I and other inmates have had problems with.

At this time officer Horn reached out his right arm, roughly grabbed me by my arm and snatched me away from officer Smith and said "I don't have time for this bullshit." Then he started pushing me towards the front of the top tier while repeatedly banging me up against the wall and all doors as we went along.

Officer Horn became more and more aggressive as we neared the cat walk in wing II, and at the same time I was calling officer Smith to please come get me before we get to the stairs and something bad happens. Officer Horn kept his aggressiveness up as I tried to keep my balance and telling him to stop hurting me. Officer Horn then got by the cat walk, took out another set of cuffs, and hit me on the top of the head with them. After he did that he threw me in between the top tier rails and attempted to throw me over the top tier, which would have possibly killed me. I told him to stop!

He then called sergeant Blue, the dorm sergeant, and he came and got me and took me downstairs to see medical. I have filed an informal grievance to the warden. I told my mental health counselor Mr. Brodrick who I believe said something but was told to keep quiet. They have been trying to keep this on the hush! I had captain Ford come to my cell last week and he asked me about the things I wrote on a sick call paper pertaining to what I'm telling you now. He asked me about what happened, date and time and I told him it was all on the paper he was holding. He said he was going to review the camera and if I was lying he was going to write me a DR [disciplinary report] for lying to staff. Well, he never came back so I guess he saw for himself what I said was true. They are trying to hide this. And I know they saw the cameras cause they didn't even write me a DR and no one has talked to me yet.