Harassment for PREA Complaint

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[Abuse] [Texas]

Harassment for PREA Complaint

I came across your Under Lock & Key through a friend and I do enjoy it. I had read an article of a guy who reported a sexual assault abuse from a staff member. I myself went through a situation that the outcome has been the same here in a Texas prison.

I went to the PREA Ombudsman, and I filed a complaint. The result was I had made the whole thing up. I don't know how staff abuse in prisons anywhere is allowed. If you follow the policy in place, the inmates are always in the wrong, and that's in any prison. Because we are in prison all we are supposed to be is liars and criminals.

I myself use my time to try to learn to do better so I will not fall into the circle of coming back like so many do. All I can say to all is if you report any type of abuse, be careful because the system is made to make you wrong no matter what you do. My life has been threatened. I have been refused medical help when I try to get it, or any type of help. It seems like the more me and my family try to push the issue with the proper authorities, the worse the harassment gets. Well I just wanted to share my thoughts and say thanks for all you do. May the struggle end soon.