How do you identify yourself?

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[National Oppression]

How do you identify yourself?

As a New Afrikan man (and prisoner), I've witnessed the advancement within Amerika towards the road of liberation, revealing the goal of autonomy attainable. Nonetheless, she continues to hold the death grip known as oppression. The fictitious characteristic of "racism" and the color caste system isn't predominant as opposed to the pre-21st century. From an empirical perspective, the [email protected] and those of Islamic traditions and beliefs have been targeted the most. Imperialism remains our number one enemy, as we all are together in the struggle, the fight towards freedom for we are not free until all are free!

As Anti-imperialists, there is an issue often overlooked which can reverse the corruption of our communities. There is an identity crisis amongst minorities (the majority) in the United $tates of Amerikkka. Our brothers and sisters continue to fall victim to statistics. Fellow comrades, it is our duty to show them they are better. We must show that they can do better. We as a people must shine the light where there is darkness. We are repeatedly stereotyped to the point we accept it. I often see sisters believe they're bitches, hoes and sluts. These uncivilized behaviors have become defense mechanisms. I hear young intelligent brothers state "this is all I can be". There are many issues reflecting the lack of self-worth, it's not hard to notice, all we must do is open our ears and eyes. We must understand we cannot force our beliefs, for the unenlightened will reject.

The transition from a reactionary to a revolutionary nationalist was an arduous journey in itself. As an adolescent, gang-banger, and victim of various forms of abuse, I thought of myself as an element of destruction. I would boast "I'm young, black and bangin', I'm going to die or go to prison" or "my father's doing 15 (fifteen) years, that ain't shit." This narrow-mindedness was a sickness that plagued the majority of my friends and associates. I cannot speak for all, only myself and the couple hundred of individuals I've interviewed.

The lack of identity is a primary cause of youth joining these mass organizations and street-lumpen organizations. Repeatedly being rejected from mainstream society, combating white supremacy, police brutality, and criminalization, the gang lifestyle provided a sense of purpose. The street gang gave an alternative to standing for something, even if it was justifiable and righteous. Practicing parasitism, you were praised for illegal activities such as robberies, assaults and even murder. It was wrong, but I was giving an alternative to channel the idle aggression towards Amerika. After a series of imprisonments and juvenile detentions, I realized who our enemies really are.

The youth are our future revolutionaries, we must teach them to love themselves and one another instead of hatred. There are many brothers and sisters who look at television and see themselves as worthless as they were portrayed. I chose to generalize this topic so we can analyze those around, so we'll know "how" to help. The late Tupac Shakur said "if you cannot find something to live for, then find something to die for." Peace and blessings.