Medical Abuse in Georgia

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Medical Abuse in Georgia

Hello comrades, as quoted on news radio and a nationally syndicated news station, one of the medical companies that supplies medical care for prisons in Georgia has 50 doctors that work in prisons. Of that 50, 13 of those doctors have had major complaints that are stopping them from working in the private sector. Four of those 13 doctors failed to diagnose an obvious medical condition that led to these patients' deaths and have law suits pending due to this poor medical performance.

Comrades, these are the doctors that are treating you and your family in the prison system. Doctors that aren't fit to practice in the private sector. This just goes to show the disregard that Georgia shows for the health and well being of its prisoners.

At SMU [isolation] where I am housed it takes at least 2 weeks to a month to see the so-called doctor that treats us. It is unbelievable and a joke in Georgia that tylenol and antacid treats everything from cancer to heart issues. Comrades, they are treating us as second class citizens, and killing us under the guise of medical treatment. Stop taking this shoddy treatment, file grievances, get your family to check the doctors at your facility and contact news outlets. The time is now to take action, smart action.