Medical neglect in Virginia leads to blindness

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Medical neglect in Virginia leads to blindness

As of today October 29th, 2017 I am in a battle with the medical department here at VA. Beach Correctional Center in the state of Virginia. As of Sept. 6, 2017, I woke up with both eyes really dry, burning and blurry. I submitted a sick call slip. I was seen by a nurse for this problem, and was told that she would see what she could do. That was on Sept. 8, 2017. Since that date I have started losing my eye sight in my left eye, it took a month for me to actually see the doctor, in which he took one look at my eye and immediately sent me to an optometrist who ordered MRI's, blood work, chest x-rays, and a lumbar puncture. All the results except the lumbar puncture have come back negative. At first the medical department said I had to pay for me to go to an outside doctor, I explained that I was an indigent inmate and could not pay for it, before they even reacted to my complaints (emergency and standard grievances).

This facility has denied me proper medical treatment for so long that there is a possibility that my blindness could have been prevented. So for the last 7 weeks I have been completely blind in my left eye, and they (medical, optometrist) don't have an idea what caused my blindness. I'm waiting to go to an optometrist neurosurgeon, for further testing. I am currently awaiting for a 2nd standard grievance to be answered, so that I could appeal to the next step, so that I have exhausted all grievances or avenues before I can file a 1983 lawsuit.

I just wanted to write and let you know what kind of issues this institution has made me go through. I also know that if put into restricted housing (SHU) they leave the lights on 24 hrs a day, you're locked in a cell with another inmate, and your handcuffed to the shower railing by one hand in which you can't properly wash your body, the only time you come out your cell is for court, medical or showers. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

So if there is any possible suggestions or information you can provide it will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your newletters and a platform to fight the injustices we prisoners face on a daily basis. I've tried to get others on the inside to push the abuse and injustice we face. There is no unity at this facility because inmates are scared of the repercussions they may have to endure. Once again thank you for your organization and your cause.