NCPDS Obstructing Grievance Process

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NCPDS Obstructing Grievance Process

Prison staff are not going by rules and policies that govern the management of prisoners' rights.

Prison staff are not going by the time response in grievance procedure. As of 7am on 6/13/16 I have not seen step two response so I can send it to step three. I have a grievance that I did write about this that I can not put in because step two response has not been sent to step three. The day after I send it to step three I have a grievance to put in about this.

The grievance examiner has failed to respond in the amount of time stated in the administrative remedy procedure in grievance no: 4850-2016-FPD-202128. The grievance system is nationally governed by the United States Supreme Court Prison Litigation Reform Act. The language of the prison litigation reform act says that the exhaustion requirement applies to cases regarding prison conditions. To resolve my grievance is for the federal courts to give a decision.