Petty Repression for Reaching Out

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Petty Repression for Reaching Out

I'm writing to give yall some more info on how Warden Strong runs her administration. I sent out another leter to Texas-CURE informing them on some things that she had the security there at Wynne Unit doing, such as writing major cases for things like rubberbands and paper clips. In other words, things they put in our hands every day to work with.

Another one of her things is to lock up people with anonymous I-60s for escape. It's what they used to lock me up for the letters i was writing people like yall, ACLU, and other Civil Rights projects all over the U.S. Now mind you I am doing a non-ag 8 year sentence for DWI and had just seen parole for the second time. Then to add insult to injury her offices stole, or let be stolen, around $50 of commissary and i have yet to get back my lock ($13.25), multi-plug outlet ($7.50) and there was some other little stuff: cups, spoons, and such. In all around $70 something dollars worth of stuff.

I would like to add a few lines about what UTMB Hospital is up to. I have had sinus issues all my life and they are now saying that they will no longer provide sinus sprays and eye drops to me. It's just another way they are trying to screw over the tax payer by making us pay the $100 fee for medical treatment.