Pigs Leave Dead Prisoner in Cell

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Pigs Leave Dead Prisoner in Cell

I want to inform you of an inhumane act that took place here at this institution, where the pigs here let a comrade die. It took place on 29 May 2017 at approximately 1 p.m. Other comrades kept informing the pigs that the comrade in cell F-1121 was in his cell dead. But the pigs that were working at that time didn't do anything, nor did they try to contact medical. Comrades informed the pigs when they went to shower because you could smell the odor. But the pigs laughed and said that he was still alive. That he just urinated and defecated on himself. Because the pigs ordered the comrade to put on hazard suits to put him in a wheelchair and give him a shower the Friday prior. Because the nurses here refuse to bathe him. And he was in this condition for a while at that time.

The only thing that sent the pigs in his room along with medical was that the comrades seen the Lieutenant leaving out this dorm. And the comrades began to scream out their windows. Telling the Lieutenant that the comrade in F-1121 was in his cell dead. That's when the Lieutenant ordered medical to bring him out of his cell. Once, the medical examiners came to take pictures of his cell. That's when it was confirmed that he was in his cell dead. But, the fact of the matter is that the blame falls on the medical department here. Because they were negligent on sending him to the proper institution to accommodate his medical needs. But they were so concerned about keeping him housed in a CM unit (close management) so that they could continue to receive funds for housing him.

So this goes to show you that these pigs cause injustice to us each and every day. And nothing is being done about it. Stories like these need to be told. So that we can put a stop to the modern day torture.