P.R.E.A. Complaints Being Blocked in SD

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P.R.E.A. Complaints Being Blocked in SD

Hello, there is a notification for the Prison Rape Elimination Act(P.R.E.A.) auditor which states that we may mail them P.R.E.A.-related letters free of charge and to request our Jail Administration for a private conversation. This caught my attention because there’s been incidents that are relevant that I’ve been trying to talk about with someone for 3 years now. It’s such a hard thing to do when attempts to do so are so frequently thwarted.

I have had my P.R.E.A.-related mail returned to me and was denied (at first) an audience with the P.R.E.A. facility auditor when she visits in June. I honestly figured this would happen to me (again), so I kept very accurate records of everything. Even one of my P.R.E.A.-related grievances was denied. So much for Zero Tolerance, right?

This is the beginning of my writings. I also want to reach out to the A.C.L.U. I’m waiting for my lawyer to come on Thursday as well as the facility auditor in June.