Quarantine Eliminates Required Mental Health Services

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[Mental Health] [Abuse] [Mule Creek State Prison] [California]

Quarantine Eliminates Required Mental Health Services

Today is the 5th day of a quarantine of approximately 100-200 prisoners, for just about 20 prisoners or less being sick. This is occurring at Mule Creek State Prison’s A-Yard Building 5. This is not a medical unit or has self-contained individual air circulation. By doing so CDCR puts all the other prisoners including myself at risk of catching the illness the other prisoners have.

Furthermore, the entire building full of prisoners are EOP (Enhanced Outpatient Program) a mental health unit. As such, by federal laws we are legally supposed to obtain a set amount of dayroom and yard time, as well as mental health groups and therapy. But this is not occurring at all! By doing this, CDCR knows they are willingly putting us at physical & mental risk. Such risk has already caused 1 EOP prisoner to cause him to ignite his cell on fire with his own self still within it!

This is proof of the CDCR being imperialists and our continued struggle to no longer be slaves and not under lock & key no more! As I send out this letter I also send out letters to the Prison Law Office in San Quentin.