Rat Infested Kitchen in Florida

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Rat Infested Kitchen in Florida

I'm on a plantation that's so rat infested. I went to dinner today and almost didn't eat because the kitchen/dining hall smells like rat piss and shit. Sitting in the chow hall, you literally hear rats and raccoons running around in the ceilings, and there are rats running around in the dining hall area.

In the meantime, we have a food director who refuses to adhere to the master menu. He follow the rules only when convenient. He walks the plantation like he's the warden, trying to write disciplinary reports (DRs) on anybody in reach, but can't do something about the rats and raccoons running around in the ceiling. I am sure this food director is misappropriating funds via item order. I grieved him for deviating from the master menu and misappropriation. I was denied with the explanation that he does not handle money literally. Meanwhile he keeps deviating from the menu feeding this one, all purpose mystery meat that's not on the menu. He is either misappropriating or saving Florida Department of Corrections millions of dollars.

I know for a fact that he hates prisoners. He even tried to lock me up one day with a lie that I got in his face. He pressed the panic button, and lied to the sergeant. Another sergeant who saw the whole incident spoke up for me and shamed him. I grieved him and got approved, but that's as far as it went. Be that as it may, the struggle continues.