State of CT most corrupt DOC

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[Abuse] [Connecticut]

State of CT most corrupt DOC

It is said that you can measure how far a society has advanced by how well it treats its prisoners, so by Connecticut's standards we have not come very far. We are fair game to be brutalized and tortured, have our property stolen at will or destroyed with impunity. Then they act shocked or surprised when one of their captives strikes back. And instead of learning they attempt to intensify the torture methods, and the cycle starts all over again. I continue to put my thoughts on paper even though I'm aware of the systematic effort to stop any mail that is critical of staff or other DOC policy.

None of the policies or tactics being used against us are accidental. In fact they are a part of a larger illegal psychological experiment. Under the code name 'behavior modification,' that will be used to control all of the sheeple in the larger society, once it is perfected, and there is no outcry by the sheeple. Prisoners are the most vulnerable in society, and if our basic rights are denied then no one will have rights. These experiments as they are being conducted should give raise to serious legal, cultural, political and ethical questions. Systematically prisons destroy your support system, charging astronomical surcharges for phone calls, victimizing our wives, children and family so that the billionaires and millionaires can reap more profit. And trust me, profits is all they care about.

We are limited to visits from immediate family only, which destroys most other relationships you may have. Again I contend it's by design. When in fact other interpersonal relationships are just as important as those of your immediate family. They purposely subject your family members to all kinds of degrading mistreatment, as they try to dissuade them from further visits. One they cut off your phone calls and visits, then comes the 'coup de grace': they withhold your mail, creating a state of total isolation from any community support base. Furthering this isolation they deprive you of any meaningful reading material, i.e. only material they choose. While enacting and enforcing draconian, no passing rules, so you cannot share anything with your neighbor, keeping you totally isolated from each other.

This so-called program is being run by persons from the mental health field, so I know they are very much aware of the damage and negative effects that is caused by the extreme isolation and sensory deprivation upon its victim's psyche. They are very much aware that by reducing the sensory feedback, which is essential to a person's well-being, cracks can appear in their mental defense system, which I believe is their diabolical plot. They attack those of us who they consider to be troublesome, militant agitators or even writ-writers and jailhouse lawyers. Severing your family ties and putting you in isolation. Depriving you of human contact, mail, and all other sensory stimulation, while making every effort to weaken your internal defenses, and heighten your susceptibility to the influence and control of the prison authority. And if you respond by abandoning your attitude of individuality and independence as a man, then and only then are you granted so called privileges, i.e. phone calls, commissary or the use of your radio. I personally see this as the modern equivalence of the old slave breaking technique. If you do not conform, your psychological torture continues indefinitely. No matter what any staff uses as an excuse, like "oh I'm just doing my job," "I'm just following orders" or "just making a living," they are all part of this twisted Orwellian attitude, and Machiavellian experiment. With this call to assist, I am seeking to have an investigation into the continuous retaliation, discrimination, and harassment which boarders on a form of psychological torture.

This is being written as an ongoing report as I try to have the conditions I face and treatment I'm being subjected to disseminated as widely as I can. If you are reading this, please send it to people you know and ask them to do the same.

On December 22, 2009 a guard was assaulted. It was alleged that I assaulted him. In vigilante style retaliation, I was attacked by a hoard of guards. If you can imagine a group of wild beasts in a feeding frenzy, you would have the exact picture. I had 13 to 17 guards on top of me all out of control. Without any resistance from me, lieutenant Germond (who continues to threaten me) sprayed a powerful mace substance point blank up my nostrils. Then shook the can and sprayed my entire face. This act was sadistic at the least, done only to inflict gratuitous pain and suffering. This chemical agent burns your skin and will take your breath away at 10 feet, one can only imagine the effects of having the can against your nose and the chemical shooting up your nostrils. Three months later and I am still having to use a nasal flush solution because I'm unable to breath through my nasal passage. I believe that the chemical burnt the lining membranes of my nose. Because I was never properly decontaminated it continued to burn my skin for days. Even though the instructions for its removal warn against the use of hot water, that is exactly what they did, while handcuffed they forced my upper torso under hot water, face first, knowing that such actions would cause me excruciating pain because the hot water opens your pores and allows the chemical to go directly to your nerves. It felt like someone was sticking a red hot poker to my face and skin, again done only to appease their sadistic lust. The powerful chemical totally took my breath away, it's constructed to actually consume the air molecules, in a chemical reaction.

While already unable to breath a full mask, like those worn by prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, was placed on my head, effectively preventing me from breathing, and my heart was under excessive strain. Combined with this I had over 1200 pounds on top of me, and I was unable to expand my diaphragm, and was slowing being asphyxiated. It was fortunate for me that I had my arms in front of me, as this allowed me to get enough leverage to turn in order to get some air. One of the guards whom I believe is named Sisk was punching me repeatedly in my jaw. While another one was standing up then dropping his knee only my body with all of his weight using as much force as he could. Someone else was trying to break my legs and yet another was trying to break my finders. All types of sadistic underhanded things were being done to inflict pain, and at all times during this assault on my person they were yelling like a bunch of banshees.

Finally they put leg irons and cuffs on me. The leg irons were so tight I was unable to walk. So I was dragged down this quarter mile long hallway. I was put in this dirty filthy cell, and in all my years of doing time I have never been in a more foul place. It smelled like you would expect the den of a wild animals to smell. Unfit for human occupation. There was dried blood, urine and spit on the walls and floor. The toilet had crud caked on it, outside and in, the crud on the inside of the toilet was more than an inch thick. I was 4 pointed (chained feet and hands) to the bed. As these two guards (Sisk/Thomas) were chaining me, they were putting their feet on the bed to get leverage in order to be able to pull the chains as tight as possible to assure maximum pain. So much pressure was applied that my right collar bone was hyperextended, leaving me in constant and continuous pain to date. I was four pointed over night. It was the longest night of my life, or so it seemed. I was in pain as the chemical burned my skin all night. I was denied water by lieutenant Germond. My cloths were cut and ripped off of leaving me totally naked, while the cell was freezing cold. They draped a summer blanket over me to cover my nakedness, but it was pourous and did nothing to keep me warm, purposely leaving my feet exposed to the cold that was radiating from the back wall. I was only inches away from this wall which was like a block of ice, it was so cold that you could see your breath when you exhaled. I had serious concerns that my feet would suffer frostbite.

The next day I was released from the four point restraints and for the next four days I was kept in a three point (leg irons, handcuffs, and a tether chain). I was chained in such a way (called, short chained) it prevented me from being able to stand erect, which is illegal and done to create pain in your lower back and that is exactly what the results were. The floor of the cell was concrete, cold and dirty, and I was not given any socks or shoes. I spent 9 days shivering from being cold, which defines torture. The toilet could only be flushed from the outside by the guard, and they only flushed it 3 or 4 times in 9 days, which in itself is inhuman and sadistic. I was not fed at all for the first few days, until I was seen by a captain from internal affairs. Once I started to get meals the guards started bringing in my food and drink. My food tray would sit with the guards in their guard station, sometimes for over an hour and a half, and they would do ungodly things to it before a supervisor would come to give me my food. While I was in what are called cell restraint I ate no solid food. I was able to consume only my juice and milk out of a carton.

Right after the incident, every Tom, Dick and Harry started writing me false disciplinary reports, with impunity. This one guard named Michael Jaison has been allowed to write false DRs continuously to retaliate against me. I am the only prisoner for whom they are enforcing the rule about no radio while on seg time, everyone else has their radio while I've been without mine for 5 months. The same goes for my photo album, what value is it to them, to deny me photos of my family and friends, while all others have theirs, except gratuitous punishment, acting like juveniles, because I wanted my photo album they want to deny it, in retaliation.

Everything they are doing to me is an attempt to attack me psychologically, in the hopes it will produce cracks in my mental defenses. This is the scheme behind putting me in a dog cage and leaving me chained, foot and hands, when the door to the cage was designed so the cuffs and leg irons could be removed. All other prisoners have their cuffs and leg irons removed once they are secured inside. All other prisoners are afforded the ability to interact and converse with others, I am the only one kept totally isolated, leaving all other dog cages empty. They gave strict orders that no other prisoner can pass me anything to write with, or to read while allowing all others to do so. Any privilege or amenity that is denied other prisoners on my tier, the guard will infer that it is due to the heat that my presence brings on the tier. The purpose is to attack my popularity and make me a scapegoat. They are trying to capitalize off of my mistreatment to convince others not to resist their authority, or we will isolate you and torture you. It is the weakness of principles in those around me that causes me to stand out. All I do is refuse to abandon my independence as a man, a principle that is ingrained in my heart and soul.

In their attempt to stop my ability to defend these attacks upon me, they discarded my legal papers and destroyed the files I do have, over 7 boxes of my legal papers are missing and what they gave to me, you cannot make heads or tales of them. When they removed me from the isolation cell, I was put in a Klu Klux Klan den, run by the Grand Dragon of the unit. As the head goes, so does the body. His Klan members were being allowed to spit and urinate in any food. To bring attention to this fact, I made some samples of what I believe to be urine in my coffee. The Grand Dragon retaliated against me and used his authority to have me chained foot and hands, and returned to those same filthy cells mentioned earlier, for another four days or so.

Since December 22, 2009 they have continued to subject me to all kinds of retaliation and psychological torture, and in their attempt to keep me from having a real investigation into these criminal matters they have cut off most of my envelopes and paper. I have filed numerous complaints concerning the harassment and mistreatment I am being subjected to. My complaints have either been ignored or allowed to be whitewashed with rote investigation, no matter what evidence or witnesses I have they say "based on the facts gathered the accusations are found to be uncorroborated." No further investigatory action will be taken.

During subzero temperatures outside, I was under threat of force and denial of OCE (out of cell exercise), told I could not dress warm enough, only allowed to put on 1 pair of socks, 1 t-shirt, and I was not allowed to wear both my sweat pants and thermals, I was told either one or the other, I was not allowed to wear anything on my head or hands which I could not put in my pocket, because I was cuffed feet and hands. Once I was outside I was forced to stay out for the full hour and sometimes longer. All they gave me was a thin summer jumpsuit, and cloth top tennis shoes. The jacket was draped over my shoulders, again because of the handcuffs.

There are a group of lieutenants known to me as the gang of five (Shakpe, Germond, Pafumi, Revera and Correa) who are the main perpetrators of these diabolical schemes being used against me. While denying me clothing to wear they will leave the camera off, antagonizing and badgering me, then turn the camera on to try to capture me acting bad on camera. They came to toss my cell, before leaving they threw my toothbrush in the toilet. This retaliatory treatment continues on a daily basis with impunity. In closing, I'm telling all who read this, I am under threat of bodily harm from the gang of five.

MIM(Prisons) responds:
This is a good exposure of the brutal abuse that happens in prisons across the Amerikan criminal injustice system. There are a few points in this article where we disagree with the author. First s/he states that these tactics used in prisons "will be used to control all of the sheeple in the larger society, once it is perfected, and there is no outcry by the sheeple." Prisons are a tool of social control, targeting oppressed nations within U.$. borders. However there is no need for expansion of this tool beyond the criminal injustice system because imperialism has created a bought-off middle class out of the citizens of imperialist countries. This population already has a material interest in imperialism and does not need further controlling, especially the white nation.

Our second point of disagreement is over the question of profits in prisons. The author states that the goal of prisons is profit: "victimizing our wives, children and family so that the billionaires and millionaires can reap more profit. And trust me, profits is all they care about." As we explained in our article on the economics of prisons, prisons in Amerika are not profitable. They are a tool of social control propped up by the profits of imperialism. It certainly helps to reduce the cost of prisons to charge prisoners exorbitant prices for purchases, take 50% or more of money sent in to prisoners, and force some prisoners to engage in labor for little or no wages. But none of this is sufficient to cover the cost of running the Amerikan prison system.