Texas Pack inspires litigation against abuses

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Texas Pack inspires litigation against abuses

I have promoted our mission and newsletter throughout my housing area and unit informing others of all you offer and on the Texas Pack which brought me to understanding of your organization. Since I have been put through the mill and received a major case for having a pair of earbuds! They went ballistic on me and I have thus been having to fight their injustice and need as much assistance – have sought out the civil rights division special litigation section for their abuse of authority that needs to be investigated.

I have also educated those who are undergoing similar abuses such as negligence in health matters; harassment and retaliation of filing grievances. I believe they (admin) have put a jacket on my file due to my assistance which has caused this extreme action they have taken on this non-threatening, non-dangerous charges.

I had a friend of mine in this system who warn me about their lying and hateful abuse of authority and he was setup for a fall. Vacca v Farrington cite as 8S5W3d 438 (Tx App – Texarkana 2002) A good case to understand just one fellow's struggle with the system: Vacca alleges that as a result of the retaliation, he experienced pain, humiliation, weight loss, emotional distress, punishment without due process, imminent fear for his life, and a "chilling" of his right to exercise access to the courts. Judgment of trial court is reversed, case remanded.