Tier 2 is the Worst

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Tier 2 is the Worst

I am in the Tier 2 program here in Georgia, and it's probably the worst time that anyone could do. First, I did not get into any kind of trouble or receive a disciplinary report (DR). I got put on the program simply because the unit manager wanted to fill the empty beds.

The pigs do not allow us to clean our rooms. We get hardly any recreation time, even though the standard operating procedure (SOP) states that we should get at least five hours a week. And anybody who is a part of the Atlanta street gang Goodfellas (GF) is on lock down and is not allowed back on compound.

Georgia is slowly taking away our rights and slowly taking away our food. Little by little they are starving us. Before Tier 2 I weighted 220 lbs and i'm 6'6". Now I might weigh 180 lbs. And these pigs don’t care.