United Front building at Sussex

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United Front building at Sussex

We've developed a study group 1 think tank based on the United Struggle From Within and the United Front For Peace in Prisons: statement of principles. (Peace, Unity, Growth, Internationalism, Independence.)

On July 22, 2016, meeting was held and 28 people attended: we spoke on "unity" - struggling for something greater, observing the exploitation system, and the importance of sticking together to confront and overcome disunity, violence, and misinformation. Lead coordinator [X] spoke to street organizations on purpose for revolutionary consciousness; unity and the need for growth: challenges faced in these perilous times. (We also spoke of the United Front For Peace in Prisons - Statement of Principles: Peace, Unity, Growth, Internationalism, and Independence.)

On July 29, 2016, meeting @ 8:30-9:45 A.M: 33 persons attended. I spoke on articles from vol. 41 - Under Lock and Key (gang Validations, etc.) November/December 2014. Our gang problems here at Sussex I state prisons are unique. Another Brother spoke on: "The Difference Between Revolution and Rebellion" - From pg. 64-68, of Meditations on Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth: New African Revolutionary writings by James Yaki Sayles . We also asked all Big Homies to espouse the idea/ideals of Peace, Unity and Growth for the Betterment of Self: organizations and prison populace. All agreed. (Next week they will share a few words).

We write you twice a month, keeping you abreast on our newly formed study group/think tank. We're open for instructions, guidance, and advice/information, etc.

We wish to Join the United Front. We have studied the Five Principles of United Front For Peace in Prisons - Statement of Principles. We will read them at the beginning of each meeting. We have not developed an official name for the group. We only call it: Study Group/Think Tank. (We are new, and full of potential, so we have charted goals to meet in the first 30 days then the next 30 days - taking us to 60 days – etc.)

1. Peace is critical because, violence seem to be the solutions to a lot of organizational (gang problems.) So if we can agree to a pact, or verbal agreement of peace, then foster method to assure peace is met, then that's progress.

2. Unity - We want to have fundamental unity - despite our organizational differences. Unity for the common good of fellow comrades; man stand together to combat oppressive and repressive measures by the power structure: united we stand!

3. Growth - we must educate ourselves. Politically, educationally, socially, and financially - growth shows progress ignorance roles the youth - so, we agree to further our meetings w/ progressive education points. Revolutionary history; consciousness, etc.

4. Internationalism - to agree to study other nations struggles, and deploy the same tactics principles to and for our struggles! Broaden our minds on world views.

5. Independence - to fund our own ideas, projects, campaigns, and pool our resources to purchase books, magazines, etc. Educate ourselves. This includes donations to MIM(Prisons) and other organizations.

These five points are important because they each underpin the ideas/ideals of what we are striving to exhibit here at Sussex I state prison.

We are working to employ peace and unity, coupled with revolutionary activism acting on what we're studying and learning - standing against oppression, violence, and destructive behaviors.

We will get all supporting members and members enrolled to receive Under Lock & Key. (We've sent names in already)

If you have materials on structuring/organization study group/think tank send it; materials on how to handle gang problems, and any other materials relevant to our new study group, we can use it.

We are serious, dedicated, and committed to the process. We will take it slow, but for sure!