Update from Lawrence Correctional Center

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Update from Lawrence Correctional Center

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing this to give you an update from the Lawrence Correctional Center, in southern Illinois.

Since early November, we have seen an explosion of the COVID-19 virus at this gulag, and at their last report of December 18th, there were 829 cases of it – of about 1800 men total. With this rapid increase in cases, we saw the attempted responses of the administration be overwhelmed. Due to medical issues, I had been assigned to a room by myself, but when there was a massive outbreak of the virus on the other wing of my building, two days before Thanksgiving, they moved a man from that wing into my room, without testing him prior to the move. Not surprisingly, he brought the virus with him, and I ended up in isolation for 27 days, after I contracted the virus from him. In response to a grievance I filed, the gulag administration stated that they had “policies and procedures in place to help slow the spread of COVID”. Perhaps the individual responding to my grievance had previously worked as speechwriters for Donnie Trump, because that response reeks like a loaded baby diaper.