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Can you do layout? Help out by laying out pamphlets and study packs to mail to prisoners. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

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Staff Misconduct Report at High Desert State Prison, NV

2019 April 9 — I hope this finds you hale, healthy and whole as well as blessed in all you do. The struggle here at High Desert State Prison in Indiana Springs, NV is vast and ongoing.

Our small group of comrades, Hatchets for Maoism (HFM) has gone to work getting the prisoners here to sign and mail out copies of the grievance petition you sent to me. The HFM comrades are also attempting to gain prisoner support for a mass grievance filing on the conditions of confinement: lack of out-of-cell time, poor food, lack of programming, lack of insensitive programs, excessive lockdowns, staff misconduct, etc. etc.

Correctional officers often use their pet rats to justify their misconduct, so I am pushing for all comrades to abstain from any rule infractions, actively seek out peaceful ways to end divisions between prisoners, and unite the people to effect real changes.

With that said, I'd like to "out" some of the real lowdown and dirty pigs, by name and rank, that try to use their given powers to vex, harass, retaliate and oppress all of us here trying to fight for our rights.

Warden Brian E. Williams, Sr. — was overheard on 4/3/19 saying "just put that inmate in the worst cell you can find for him, so he will choose to run with his race or die for trying to be a Mexican blood." This is the warden of the prison talking to a case worker about what way is best to break down a prisoner for asking to be housed away from racist gang members!

Sergeant Dale Roberson — files false and misleading reports as a means to cover up misconduct of his unit officers, justify ill-gotten sanctions against prisoners, and reduce their level. He also uses the cut and paste function to respond to grievances, issues threats and refuses to report misconduct of his officers when it's brought to his attention.

Sergeant Alexis Lazano — passes false rumors against any prisoner who he deems to be a "scum bag," often telling other prisoners that "____ told on you about ____" to incite chaos.

C/O Jeremy Hatfield — has a history of retaliatory cell searches, excessive use of force, and violations of prisoners' constitutional rights.

C/O Bryant Vaughn — has a history of prisoner abuse.

C/O Killian Lee — challenges prisoners to fight, uses excessive force and attacks prisoners that attempt to report him for his misconduct.

C/O Justin Gordon — talks shit with prisoners he comes into contact with, files vexing and harassing notice of charges against prisoners for non-existing rule violations that are so far past lies that I lack the words to explain. He once wrote me up for another cell's doings (it was later dropped, but, come on!).

S C/O Joshua Wikoff — harasses any prisoner that attempts to redress any grievance through the proper process, by telling other prisoners that "____ is a rat," or by saying the same in a loud voice at meal times. He also fails to report staff misconduct and throws away outgoing mail (including legal mail) and prevents the proper investigation of any prisoner's claim of abuses.

Lieutenant Julie Matousek — Tells outright lies, covers up Civil Rights violations, enforces criminal treatment of PSU prisoners by her subordinates and colludes and conspires to shut the mouths of all who dare stand up for their own rights or the rights of their fellow man.

I don't have enough ink or paper to list them all, but this is a start. Struggle on Comrades

[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Foreign Nationals Denied Programming

As Trump yells about his wall to any that will listen and white supremacy has an upswing of 22%-50%, we here in High Desert State Prison (here after HDSP) see the effects of imperialism on the foreign national, who is unable to attend the same programs, schooling or get the same jobs as prisoners that were born here.

The foreign national population here at HDSP is subject to longer sentences, parole board rejections, and job discrimination due to their status as non-citizens and inability to produce a valid Social Security Card/Number. This is a violation of their rights as well as a weak attempt by the NDOC to squeeze every minute of time they can get out of the foreign nationals sentence.

This clearly race based policy and campaign of oppression is used to keep the foreign national under the jack boots of the state and milk the foreign nationals' family for more funds to support their incarcerated family member, who, if employed by the state, could offset the costs of living by working and learning a trade.

Further by denying access to education to the foreign national the state shows just how much rehabilitation means to them. (Not at all!) Most of the men I know want to work and learn and make the most of this vile place so they never return. But the NDOC stacks the deck against them and then attempts to blame them for failures the NDSOC has caused.

This racist policy must be eliminated at once. So comrades please send me any and all information you're able to so that I can help fight for the rights of all foreign nationals.

Call director James Dzurenda and warden Brian E. Williams Sr. and tell them that you're aware of their ongoing campaign of oppression and lack of fucks given for the vast number of foreign nationals they opt to abuse and maroon by refusing to let them program!

The NDOC is decades behind the times on prisoners rights, parole board control over release of prisoners, re-entry of prisoners into the community, and rehabilitation of prisoners. The only way to stop the abuses is for everyone to form a united front, call Carson City and complain.

Post this on the internet, tell your friends, YELL IT from the rooftops! Prison is not a place for rehabilitation it's a place of vengeance, retaliation and oppression and more often than not it all plays out on men that would be better served with treatment for their issues instead of being locked in a cage and treated like slaves.

I am calling for a national strike from June first 2019 until the NDOC (and other like minded departments of correction and "rehabilitation") lift the ban on foreign nationals ability to program, and allows them all to rehabilitate themselves the same as any citizen is able.

Let the pigs clean the tiers, serve the food, sweep the yard and see how they like not having "slaves" to do all the dirty work for them!

Power to the people! Anything else is criminal.

[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Fighting criminal treatment of prisoners at HDSP

I am writing to you from High Desert State Prison here in Indian Springs Nevada. I am hoping that you will send me my own issue of ULK to read, as well as copies of your grievance and food petitions for the state of Nevada. I have a list of about 35 people that are willing to fill out and mail out the above petitions.

The state of affairs here at HDSP is criminal!

The grievance system is only in place as a way to slow prisoners access to the courts, and attempt to dissuade us from redressing our issues.

The medical department at this prison is inadequate and failing to provide treatment for prisoners, some even have very serious conditions such as cancer, hepatitis C, etc. It is not unheard of for a prisoner to wait 6-8 months to be seen after they make known their conditions.

The food is served in the same space used to cut hair, play cards, work out, shower, etc. The portions are inadequate and far from balanced by any stretch of the word.

Prisoners are denied the proper time out of their cells (Administrative Regulation 801.05(2) state that "closed custody will receive a minimum of five hours a day of out-of-cell time, contingent on positive conduct"). On average the prisoners in my unit receive 13 hours per week of out of cell time. 22 hours short of the mandated time!

Mail is often mishandled, lost or given to the wrong prisoner, because lazy pigs refuse to do their jobs and check IDs and match information before handing over pieces of mail.

The pigs often just slide mail under cell doors at 2am, causing prisoners’ family addresses, pictures and vital information to be disseminated.

The issues far outweigh anything positive that HDSP may attempt to provide us. I have teamed with my current cellmate to file as many colorable claims against the NDOC/HDSP as we're able to, but two against hundreds is a hard fight.

The support of MIM(Prisons) in our fight through providing us with tools such as ULK and sample petitions, books, etc. is invaluable!

I want to start to organize comrades here at HDSP and welcome your help in doing so properly. Please send me any resources you have that my help.

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Danger to prisoners' health at HDSP

I am housed at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) at or near Indian Springs Nevada. I am writing to you concerning serious problems here at this prison.

The medical department at this prison is inadequate and failing to provide treatment for prisoners, even some with very serious conditions such as Hepatitis C.

It is routine for prisoners to request help and be forced to wait 6 or 8 months to be seen, even when they are in extreme pain or complaining of symptoms which could be indicative of possibly terminal or fatal conditions.

Of the approx 168 prisoners in this unit with whom I have any contact, there are several grievances and civil actions currently under way or being drafted against the medical department due to substandard treatment.

There are several other factors exacerbating this situation, such as:
  1. Correctional officers and HDSP administrative staff making medical diagnoses and directing treatment to be withheld or forcibly administered.
  2. Blanket policies denying medical treatment based on sentence structure or pre-existing conditions.
  3. Blanket screening policy of rubber stamping all requests for help with: "you are scheduled and will be notified the day of your appointment," this is the response to all requests for help, regardless of nature of complaint.
  4. Overcrowding leading to inadequate resources.
  5. Prisoners being assaulted due to reckless and indifferent classification process and forcing volatile housing assignments.
  6. Refusal by staff to answer emergency call button or inoperable emergency call buttons.
  7. Assaultive behavior by staff.
  8. Lack of food and out of cell time leading to physical and mental health problems.

There are other serious problems here, but the above creates a serious health risk to prisoners who are currently healthy as well as those who are not. There are many older prisoners in this unit and others who are experiencing deteriorating health due to conditions in this prison and particular unit.

[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

HDSP NV De-habilitation Program

I have served nearly 25 years prison/jail time in the United States. In fact, all but a small portion of my adult life has been spent behind bars. My California tour includes Chino, Soledad, Solano, Calipatria and Donovan. In Nevada: Southern Desert, Lovelock, Ely and, yes, Hight Desert State Prison (HDSP). As you can probably imagine, violence and drugs are common fare in most of these institutions. And while a few of these places were just plain filthy, others simply stagnate with the decay of deliberate indifference. I've done "hole-time" in all of them and certainly thought I'd seen it all.

Boy was I wrong.

Let me spell it out for you: B.M.U. (Behavioral Management Unit). Described by COs, Medical Staff and other institutional employees as the "Zombie Unit," the "Weirdo Pod," the "Freak Show," the "Psych Ward," and "Behavioral Mismanagement" and affectionately referred to by the prisoners as the "Beat-a-Motherfucker-Up" Unit at HDSP.

Absolutely and without a doubt, the worst of the worst. In the short time, 90 days, that I've been here within this restrictive unit I've witnessed unchecked violence, coercion, extortion, drug abuse, overdoses, 3 attempted suicides and "senior" officers feeding prisoners food which had fallen on the filthy unit floor before being placed on the serving trays and given to prisoners.

The most disturbing incident, by far, occurred on 24 December 2017, this past Christmas Eve, when an emotionally wrought prisoner, was locked in the shower for approximately 4 hours after stating to staff that he was having suicidal thoughts. During this time the prisoner was slamming his own head against the metal grating. I witnessed the COs laughing and encouraging the prisoner to bang his head harder and advising him to use the tiled wall at the back of the shower stating, "Bang it against the tiles, they're harder." By the time medical staff did arrive the prisoner was a bloody mess.

According to the HDSP BMU Manual: "The Behavior Modification Unit (BMU) will house inmates who have been housed in segregation for 90 days or longer, to assist in the reintegration into a lower custody level."

How I ended up here isn't much of a mystery. About 4 weeks after arriving at HDSP, while I was still in the "Fish Tank" I made the mistake of telling the case worker that I was appealing my jury conviction and needed request forms for the law library. At which point I was advised that I was being "sent to BMU." From that moment on, all access to the legal materials I require for my case have been denied despite numerous verbal and written grievances. In fact I spent the first 9 weeks in BMU confined in my cell without so much as a book to read. My only contact with the administration was the initial interview with the token mental health worker who advised me that "this rehabilitation program is the warden's baby."

Well, I'm here to tell you that as a person who struggles with PTSD, the constant and continuous confinement to a cell without any mental stimulation whatsoever can be devastating to an person's mental health and psyche. While confined in this unit I have experienced an increase in PTSD symptoms, ten times the frequency that is usual for me. Furthermore, I found it extremely unsettling that after completing the program, as a "graduation present," I was escorted into a small room filled with BMU staff members where I was threatened, berated, belittled and finally told to just "Get the Fuck Out."

I'm not sure what to expect next. The lack of access and communication with the outside, the restricted closed custody level 4 housing, the refusal on the administration's part to answer or address any grievance combined with limited family contact by phone has reduced me to an uncertain, fearful, panicky, hopeless, helpless mess. And, by the way, I have absolutely zero disciplinary history. Not a single "write up" for anything.

Fortunately another prisoner gave me your Under Lock & Key pamphlet. Hopefully you can get the word out on this de-habilitation program and the warden's dirty little secret.

MIM(Prisons) responds: These dangerous and abusive conditions at HDSP expose the Amerikan prison system for its complete lack of rehabilitation. If the criminal injustice system really believed that prisons are an effective tool to prevent crime, it would not put people in conditions that make their survival on the streets nearly impossible. It would be offering programs to help people learn and change their behavior, and prepare them for life outside. This is just one of the reasons we see the Amerikan criminal injustice system as primarily a tool of social control.

[Campaigns] [Organizing] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 59]

Nevada Lockdown, Build Unity

High Desert State Prison (HDSP), the largest prison in Nevada, housing some 3,500 inmates, has been on total lockdown for 4 days, and will remain so for at least two more weeks. This means that we will receive no yard, tier, phone, canteen, or access to any reading material.

Why is HDSP on lockdown? Because in a single week there was two "staff" assaults, and at least 8 fights.

But the pigs are doing nothing to investigate the cause of the violence. For example, that the temperature of the cells was reaching at least 90 degrees. While we have no cold water to drink, and are forced to be housed with individuals we do not get along with for up to 21 hours a day. And there is nothing for us to do: no programs, work, games, etc. We are literally trapped in cages like animals.

So how does HDSP deal with the violence? They enhance the inhumane and deplorable conditions by locking us down. Most of us do not have televisions, and with no access to any library we sit in a cell and twiddle our thumbs.

Violence and anger can only be expected as a result of such conditions. However, comrades, we must recognize that we do not win when we direct this anger and frustration towards each other.

Our focus must be on targeting the administrative policies which are responsible for our current state of existence. There is already a grievance campaign underway challenging OP516, the level system. And comrades from the United Struggle from Within in Nevada just started a new grievance campaign in regards to AR801.

AR801 is a programs AR that states that Ad-Seg is to receive a minimum of 3 hours out of their cell, and closed custody inmates are to get a minimum of 5 hours out of their cells per day. This same AR lists a ton of programs which are approved by the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC).

The bottom line comrades, HDSP under Warden Williams has failed to implement any rehabilitative programs. The violence, anger and frustration is his and his administration's fault.

We must heed the USW call for peace and unity and challenge the administration's policies. We need all of you to file grievances challenging these policies. But even more important, we need you to have your family and friends to call the office of the director and ask why HDSP prisoners are being denied all access to rehabilitative programs, school, and work. Have them call 702-486-9938 and complain.

Until then, comrades, do not allow your anger and frustrations with the pigs to be misdirected toward one another.

MIM(Prisons) responds: The United Struggle from Within comrades in Nevada are doing solid work organizing and educating folks in that state. They have set a good example of initiating targeted campaigns that could improve the lives of many prisoners. This is a good way to get folks participating in the struggle in a concrete way. But we must remember to tie these battles to the broader struggle against the criminal injustice system, and imperialism.

If we don't make these connections, we are misleading people, letting them think that these campaigns alone are all that is needed to change the system. And we know that's not true! We know the injustice system won't be reformed into a system of justice. It is rotten to the core because it is serving imperialism, which exists off the oppression and exploitation of entire nations of people. The wealth and power of the imperialists and even the "middle classes" is not something those folks will give up without a fight.

Let's follow the example of the Nevada USW comrades, and build important campaigns relevant to each prison and state. And always keep our work in the context of the anti-imperialist struggle.

[Campaigns] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 57]

A Call to Action to the Prisoners of HDSP in Nevada

The Nevada Council for the United Struggle from Within (USW) is putting the call out for prisoners at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) to end all the hostilities, and to join together in the ongoing grievance campaign and ultimately the mass 1983 civil complaint campaign, that is now underway at HDSP.

The conditions of confinement at HDSP must be challenged. Over the years, our constant infighting has distracted us while our conditions of confinement have gotten progressively worse. We are now faced with a situation where we remain confined to our cells up to 22-24 hours a day, are not given proper cleaning supplies, are denied the use of our toilets, are housed with those who should be being treated for their mental illnesses rather than being overly medicated, etc.

This campaign has already begun, with many individuals having filed grievances, while the final stage of filing a civil complaint is already under way. Our main focus is and must be the lack of programs, education, and work abilities which deny prisoners housed at HDSP the credits which shorten their sentences.

We are in the position that we are in because our national groups have failed to be properly mobilized around an internationalist class consciousness. We have focused on individualistic issues. We as prisoners have allowed this to happen to ourselves. With each new restriction imposed, no action or protest was organized. We are as much to blame as anyone else. Without organized opposition, the administrators have reached new heights of repression and disregard of our needs.

But the United Struggle from Within Nevada Council has taken steps to organize this grievance campaign. We are calling on all nations within the walls of HDSP; PC, GP or otherwise, put aside your differences and conflicts. We are not enemies. We are allies, and share a common interest in fighting back against what we are faced with every day.

So, we are putting out the call. Let's stop all hostilities and join together in raising our voices as one and demanding that we be treated as humans.

Comrades within the USW in Nevada have already united with a few nations in this struggle. There are already over 30 grievances filed! Change will occur, but only if each of us do our part to fight back.

To aid you in this struggle, we have compiled examples of the grievances that have been filed. The examples cover all three grievance levels. We are also writing up an example civil complaint, which can be utilized to challenge the NDOC in court.

If you want change, fight for it. Join our campaign. Stop all hostilities, and pick up the pen!

MIM(Prisons) adds: Nevada was where the first September 9 Day of Peace and Solidarity originated in 2012. It's good to see comrades in Nevada keeping it moving. Any prisoners of the state of Nevada can write us for a copy of the example grievances.

[Gender] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 57]

Nevada USW Fighting Gender Abuse

The USW-NV study group spent much time discussing the topic of gender, sexuality, and what our position on it must be. This discussion came about because a comrade heard SCO Franco and another officer discussing two trans women that live in another pod. SCO Franco, with a number of racial and homophobic slurs, stated that he was looking for a reason to write them up because "no fag would be on my tier prostituting themselves unless I am getting something." These pigs were making a big joke out of it. This comrade spoke up, and as a consequence his cell was searched, and he lost some items.

We have determined, through our discussions, that gender is more than simply genetic. It is not a matter of choice, nor can one be "cured" of homosexuality. We are born who we are, and any person or institution that challenges this must be struggled against.

Based upon this and many other discussions, we have reached out to the LGBTQ community both within the Nevada DOC, and the greater community, in an attempt to build solidarity, and show them that they are not alone.

The LGBTQ community, especially within prison, is a very preyed-upon community. Inmates avoid them, assault them, or simply exploit them, while the pigs ignore them. Within prisons, members of the LGBTQ community have lost any identity, and instead have become "them," "fags," or "MOs." This is unacceptable. As such, we have taken an active role in promoting a call for the organization of the LGBTQ community into statewide groups. This call was put out by a great LGBTQ group called Black and Pink.

We have aided in the formation of a NV LGBTQ group, have and will continue to associate with them openly to show our solidarity, and will, if the need arises, defend this group or its members, in whatever ways needed. Be it from the pigs, or other inmates.

We call on all to follow, stand up against all forms of oppression, exploitation and hatred. Contact Black and Pink and show your support, and reach out to the LGBTQ community at your prison. Stand with them, help them organize, and join our United Struggle from Within.

Black and Pink is an LGBTQ organization that publishes a monthly newsletter, and helps those members of the LGBTQ community who are incarcerated. The NV-USW has reached out to them in hopes of starting an open chain of communication. We have not heard back as of yet, but please contact them and call on them to join the United Struggle from Within. You can contact them at Black and Pink National Office, 614 Columbia Rd, Dorchester, MA 02125

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Sexual Harassment by COs Goes Unpunished

On 20 and 22 January 2016 I was sexually harassed by a male correctional officer. On the 20th we were on lockdown because of a fight. Right before the correctional officer was to go home for the night he came over my intercom and clowning my celly, but while laughing said "don't let me catch [X] with his boxers on backwards and [X] laying on his belly while you're (my celly) on top of him." After he went home I told my celly I felt uncomfortable as did he. After we came off of lockdown the same correctional officer called me to the bubble twice. First time he said [X] (me) that he was going to dog my celly (clown him), I told him no and walked away. The second time he called me to the bubble yet again saying "[X] ya should take your celly down through there sexually show him what it's like." I told the Correctional Officer he should not talk to me like that I'm not here to catch a PREA case. This officer knows that I'm a homosexual because it's in the computer my alternative lifestyle. My celly is Black, the officer is Black and I'm white.

On January 23rd I talked to Sargent Thompson and told her everything that happened and that I was afraid for my safety for telling on an officer, because he's going to find out if not through staff through prisoners. I also see Lieutenant McKeean told him the same thing. He asked my celly why he didn't write a grievance on him, my celly said he didn't want any problems. Come to find out my celly's uncle used to work here and his uncle is good friends with the officer. The correctional officer is Guice.

On January 29 I refused to lockdown for fear of my safety. Correctional officer Houck said Lieutenant McKeean said I wasn't going to get a bed move. So I told officer Houck I refused to lock down for my safety, as caseworker Faliszek told me I had a right to do. So Officer Houck handcuffed me and put me in the shower and locked the shower. Sargent Thompson came to the unit told me I'm not getting a bed move and told officer Houck to put me back in my cell. I told her this is bullshit, I'm afraid for my safety with everything going on with retaliation and all the sexual crap he's saying. She wouldn't hear any of it. Office Houck took me out of the shower while handcuffed with the gun drawn on me took me back to my cell, while telling me no one's going to believe you because you're a prisoner no one believes an inmate because you're all liars. Officer Houck said he doesn't believe me because he knows Officer Guice personally and knows he will never sexually harass anyone.

On 12 February 2016 my celly put his shoes on after the health and welfare count and then told me I had two options: 1. come down push the button tell the officer you're going to commit suicide, or 2. he's going to kick my ass. I told him why I had to do that he said which one was I going to pick. So I came down off my bed and pushed the button and told the officer that I was in fear of my life because I wanted to commit suicide, the officer in the bubble told me no and to wait til morning to talk to the nurse. This pissed off my celly so he tackled me like a football player. I fell and hit my head on the door he began to slap me several times in the face and then he stomped me with his feet in the face and neck. After he was done I kept hitting the call button, but the officer never answered the button. In the morning I went to chow I stepped out of line and told the officer I was in fear of my safety. He seen my face and asked what happened. I didn't say anything. The Officer Turner said me and my celly were having problems last night, Lieutenant Potter asked if my celly did that to my face and neck. I didn't answer and looked away. They knew it happened so they took me to medical then to the hole with a notice of charges for assault.

Most of the grievances I filed on sexual harassment and retaliation were locked by Associate Wardens. I then refiled in February 2016, they finally went through and went to the I.G. office and PREA. I finally saw the PREA investigator Steve LeMara on 9 June 2016 he said he believed me on everything.

I'm still missing grievances that are in the last level sent kites to the Associate Warden, Caseworker Elmor and Berrett, and to head Caseworker Russell. Still have heard nothing.

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Peace and Solidarity Protest in Nevada

September 9, 2013 has come and gone, and while the turn out was significantly improved over last year, there is still room for much improvement. This is, of course, reflective of the general malaise which has infected the population concerning prison conditions and prisoner solidarity. But it is also the result of an inability to reliably communicate between units and custody levels here at High Desert (HDSP).

The turn out for this unit was approximately 8% but this may or may not be representative of prison-wide participation. There appears to have been significant participation from our brothers and sisters at Ely State Prison and our utmost respect and gratitude goes out to you all for standing with us. There have been some indications here at HDSP that there is a storm on the horizon and there is currently some discussion and preparation in anticipation. But we must wait until events begin to unfold before embarking on any course of action. This includes pushing September 9, 2014 harder and longer this year.

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