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Pack Unit - Texas

Got HTML/CSS skills? We need a volunteer to make our website friendlier for small screens. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

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Pack Unit Violates Ground Water Monitoring Law

I have papers showing that the prison on this unit violated the Ground Water Rule. TDCJ Pack Unit failed to collect the required number of triggered source bacteriological samples for fecal indicator monitoring of the ground water system during the last year. This monitoring is required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Drinking Water. They are in violation of the drinking water all over the system. I wrote the U.S. Department of Justice Special Litigation Section. I got a letter from the Chief of that Department, no results.

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