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Maoist Internationalist Movement

"Shattered Union"
Developer: Pop Top Software
Publisher: 2K
Games Released: 2005

reviewed by Big Jim at IRTR Feb 9 2006

"Shattered Union" starts out with an interesting enough premise: in 2012 or so the United $tates begins a descent into martial law as a Bu$$hesque President becomes increasingly unpopular. Before the KKKountry can become a full fledged fascist police state, Washington DC is obliterated by an atomic bomb. Apparently Amerikkka can't function without its Fuhrer and the United $tates splits apart into numerous successor states.

Unfortunately, the successor states don't seem too appealing. Texas and California declare independence and are still run by Anglos as the opening cinematic shows. Then the Great Plains, New England, Pacifica, and The Confederacy split off. The European Union intervenes in the Greater DC area to "secure its international interests" and these factions decide to go to war with each other.

None of the successor states are very appealing. Their brief descriptions in game mention little in the way of politics and tend to emphasize the kkkolor of the people living in that region. Texans are "ferociously independent," Californians are "creative and resourceful." The Confederacy is mentioned as being "politically progressive" despite their name. If they were genuinely progressive they'd be called New Africa, or at least they wouldn't take the name of the pro Slavery rebellion's kkkountry. Additionally, why would a "progressive" faction name their main battle tank after Robert E. Lee?

The game consists of two modes. There is a strategic map and then a tactical map. On the strategic mode, the player buys units and plans their offensives. Resources are really scare, because apparently most Amerikkkans are still fixing dents in cars and serving fast food rather than being productive. Because of the scarcity of reinforcements, the player must take better care of their units while in tactical battles.

Most of the game is played on 3-D tactical maps of various Amerikkkan regions. These maps are fairly detailed and accurate with several cities represented. The game is turned based and uses a hex grid for movement. Players have a set number of turns to secure various cities and declare victory on any given map.

One positive aspect of the game is that its tactical mode encourages wise use of one's forces. The player won't be getting the money to just swarm the enemy with overwhelming numbers, so the player must be clever and resourceful instead. Concentrating where the enemy is weak and withdrawing where they are strong is a good tactic here. Will players make their stand in the destroyable cities or withdraw into the wilderness? Additionally, the player can make decisions like destroying certain bridges to impede enemy progress.

However, on the flip side, many of the units are more steeped in science fiction than reality. The Main battle tank of the Confederacy has a laser and is practically indestructible. There is supposed to be a difference in the game based on whether the player destroys cities, bridges, and landmarks or tries to minimize such damage, but the only effect is the difference between an A-bomb or an EMP super weapon unlocked during the campaign. There is, predictably, a lot of gratuitous war-related violence in the game.

As the player progresses through turns on the strategic map, cut scenes inform the player of various ongoing events. In the end it turns out that Russia had destroyed DC so it could take over Alaska and the player must invade Alaska to reunify Amerikkka. Then everything will be all right with the world. Whatever.

Despite its white nationalist outlook, "Shattered Union" has upset some "war gamers." The Wargamer, an online site for those who enjoy war pornography (, had a few threads in its forums about how hurtful imperialists thought "Shattered Union" was. They didn't like the concept of their KKKountry falling apart and took time out of their cheerleading of U.$. imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan to make this opinion known. Tough Shit, your kkkountry's days are numbered. The overwhelming majority of the world is going to shatter your union one of these days and there is nothing you and your beer and pretzels crowd can do about it.

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