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It's Right to Rebel: Internet discussion forum

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by [email protected], October, 2005

Postscript, November 2006:

MIM opposes the use of this forum. It takes too much time for MIM to monitor the provocations there. The leaders there are Fdapatriarchy and Prairiefire. MIM has never led the IRTR forum.

There is an unsecure forum discussing MIM line. From the beginning it came under attack by those seeking to delete its articles called threads. The most obvious attacker was a long-time poster on rąp=u$a Internet forums. Likewise were those claiming to agree with MIM's line but actually carrying out various wrecking and spying activities.

Cops, social-fascists and a new kind of revisionist claiming to agree with MIM in order to sabotage from within have all gone to IRTR. On the other hand, the range of enemies makes the struggle there more realistic. Some of our best comrades do make regular contributions in that discussion forum on a wide range of topics. I also post there. So even though there are a wide variety of hidden agendas on the bulletin board and it is necessary to watch one's step, much fairly typical discussion of line does go on there in the open.

January 2006
One thing I said at the beginning over at IRTR is that if I had to run that forum, I would run a massive purge. However, part of the point of running cells is that not all decisions be taken by one persyn who then has all the practical experience from that. So let's see how IRTR turns out.

I can "vouch" for a couple people at IRTR. That is only useful up to a very limited point. One has to have individual criteria to allow people into a party cell. We want the hurdles high so that low quality people do not misdirect our movement but also because we want the costs of infiltration to be high.

So for examples, we can all see that Dar Zhutayev, ServethePeople (at IRTR) and Prairiefire are examples of capable people. You can also see that I'm doing work here at the web page. However, you cannot say for sure that I am not FBI, Dar is not FSB, STP is not CIA and so on. One thing we want people to do is to incorporate a concept of probability into their work. It has to work at the group level for us to win.

When we start thinking this way, we start to look differently at "just talkers."

Anyway, I should be posting at IRTR less, and posting here now instead.

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