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The Political Economy of Counterrevolution in China: 1976-88

Table of Contents

Maoist Method and Theory
Counterrevolution as Reverse Social Revolution
State Capitalism
Predicted Social Outcomes in State Capitalist Revolution
Political History of the Counterrevolution
Post-Liberation Origins of the New State Capitalists
The Cultural Revolution Political Spectrum
The Cultural Revolution as Proletarian Democracy in Action
The Cultural Revolution: Twists and Turns for the Capitalist-Roaders
1976: Triumph of the Capitalist-Roaders
1976-88: Consolidation and Advancement of State Capitalist Class Power
Science and Technology
Counterrevolution in the Philosophy of Science
Technocrats: the Resurgent Middle Class
The New Class Polarization and Class Relations
The Ownership Counterrevolution in Agriculture
The Importance of the Central Government in Rural Appropriation
Evidence of the New Exploitation in the Countryside Itself
Samir Amin's Statist Mode of Appropriation
The Ownership Counterrevolution in Industry
Profit in Command
The New Profit Sharing and Local Interests
Barriers to Competition: Local Party Officials and Inflation
Centripetal Forces: The Undertow of the Concentration of State Capital
Centrifugal Forces: Marketization
Trade Union Farce
The Coercion of Labor out of Labor-Power as a Whole
Unemployment, Firing and Contracts
Sexism and the Division of the Working Classes
The Implications of the Counterrevolution in China's Economy
Exacerbation of the Division of Labor
The Anarchy of Production
"Competitive Socialism"
Problems in Investment
Production of the Wrong Goods
Mental Illness
Partnership with Imperialism
1st draft 1984
2nd draft, Feb. 1985
3rd draft, Dec. 1986,
4th draft, May 1988
5th rewrite August-Nov, 1988.
By Henry Park

[ comments in transcription January 2005:
This book came out before the events of June 4 1989 in Beijing deflated many international supporters of Deng Xiaoping. Subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union killed many of the feelings among alleged communists in the world in favor of a Deng Xiaoping line mixing Marxist rhetoric with Liberalism ideologically and capitalism economically. Gorbachevís brief burst into the spotlight of popularity was soon to seem like a distant memory. So what we have to understand about the early and mid-1980s is that Maoists were saying that both the Soviet Union and China were state-capitalist, a minority position in the imperialist countries among those calling themselves communist at that time. For example, the idea that China had 8 digit unemployment still came as a shock. Since then, some of the conflict over the facts has died simply for political reasons. In the process of piecing together this document, I have done some light editing and I may have misunderstood, disorganized or botched the previous rewriting process mentioned above, the five rewrites. I also definitely screwed up some minor formatting. Another problem is that this document will read differently in different browsers. Bubbles or boxes appearing in the text are footnotes and should be clicked on. Nonetheless, no errors I may have made that I know of detract fundamentally from the meaning of the text.]

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