This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.


Mao Zedong came to power in China in 1949 after liberating it from Japanese and Amerikan imperialists and defeating the landlords' political party. Social progress under Mao was unprecedented among countries that started in the same semi-feudal and semi-colonial conditions. Much of what Mao did is directly applicable in countries with similar conditions.

China is also the basis of the world's most advanced experiences in class struggle under socialism. The experiences of the Cultural Revolution are of universal importance, not just in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries. At stake is nothing less than understanding how to prevent revolutions from dying in counter-revolutionary ebb.


MIM analysis

  • China geopolitics: A series of articles on shifting trade, military and political currents
  • 50th anniversary of Liberation anti-Mao propaganda dissected
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    Chinese comrades

  • Maoist student in China sends MIM greetings


    Chinese Government Documents (1949-1976)

    Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside (1957) (2.2 megabytes, .pdf for complete text only searching purposes)
  • Part I of complete .pdf of Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside (6.6 megabytes)
  • Part II of complete .pdf of Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside (6.8 megabytes)
  • Part III of complete .pdf of Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside (6.8 megabytes)

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    Other documents

    The Taiwan Question ***("The Taiwan Question" in 6 MB in .pdf format, hit clockwise in your .pdf reader to see it oriented correctly)


    Anna Louise Strong
    When Serfs Stood Up in Tibet (147 megabytes)

    Felix Greene
    A Curtain of Ignorance: How America Is Deceived
    Jonathan Cape, London: 1965, 340pp hb

  • Foreword (1.6 megabytes)
  • Part I (60 megabytes)
  • Part II (96 megabytes)
  • Part III (129 megabytes)

    Jean Esmein
    The Chinese Cultural Revolution
    Anchor Books, Garden City, NY: 1973
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    Henry Park
    The Political Economy of Counterrevolution in China: 1976-1988