This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.

Maoist Internationalist Movement

Two challenges to our international readers

To our international readers:

MIM has formed the vanguard of the imperialist countries for a long time, but we have weaknesses which we hope you will help us address. In fact, we have reached a dual impasse, one on a regional subject and one on future operations in general.

One should always consider the possibility that one is wrong. MIM is under attack by a handful of Menshevik fruitflies in the name of the "mass line."

Maybe, perhaps MIM is wrong and the masses are not the nine digit figure of people who admire Osama Bin Laden or the nine digit figure of people in India who want revolution, but instead the masses are the four digit figure of Amerikans who are social-democrats along with the eight-digit figure of liberals wanting the next Hubert Humphrey. Maybe the people at ardently discussing their admiration of 20th century figures who opposed decolonization are potential leaders of revolutionary change. Maybe the RCP droids are correct that there is a blank slate of Amerikan peasants about to rise up.

So let's put this to a test.

If there are no masses in the Third World that MIM is always talking about, they will not be able to exert any pressure to break off the bourgeois white nationalist encirclement of MIM. In particular, there may be no proletarian pole in the Third World able to help out the proletarian camp in the imperialist countries. Let's find out in the next two weeks.

1. Now that Mike Ely has started pimping off Third World struggles again, we call on the revolutionaries of Nepal and India to denounce the resumption of AWTW, "A World to Win," and do so within two weeks. For example, the AWTW has nothing to do with the struggle in Palestine that it just published an article on, but the CIA did in 1980 publish a document on how international organizations based in the united $tates benefit CIA "deep cover" operations.

Accountability is a two way street and make no mistake, MIM will not be accountable for bourgeois white nationalism.

At the moment, Avakian is trying to explain something to Ely, but Ely says he has been around for 30 years: it's too late. His is a case of addition by subtraction.

We hope to see Bob Avakian make self-criticism for a non-Maoist line on international party organization. That line cleared the way for the CIA. And if Avakian does not do it within two weeks, we hope to see revolutionaries from Nepal and India criticize Avakian by name and name the Maoist Internationalist Movement by name as correct on this topic.

We will not call this a leadership challenge, because MIM will not lead bourgeois white nationalist zombies. This problem is arising at this time, because other parties did not promote MIM's line on purges and garbage festered and festered.

No thanks to Ely or Avakian, the bourgeois media exposed U.$. attacks on Iran going on while "RCP" fronted for Iran-bashing. Yet these kinds of people more backward than the bourgeois media are writing for AWTW.

We can call the current struggle a "most valuable player" challenge. If our international readers do not agree with MIM, MIM will now find out, within two weeks on the question of AWTW and the subcontinent. If you agree with us on the Mike Ely /AWTW accountability problem, now is the time to say so or MIM will draw the conclusion that we are the player the team can do without: it will be one or the other, not both the MIM line and the bourgeois white nationalist line.

MIM is quite sure that international leaders already know what this is about. It's time to stand with Stalin and Mao on the Comintern, cut the bullshit and get over a long-standing counterrevolutionary impasse in the next two weeks.

Anyone wishing to participate in this struggle can do so by taking the actions MIM suggested or by going public saying, "I tried to convince X to cease their pro-Trotsky and anti-Stalin line on the Comintern. I asked they cease pro-CIA activities, but I failed."

2. MIM is encapsulated by the U.$. state, but threats from other states are also combined.

These threats are quite reminiscent of another time, when in the waning days of the Soviet Union, geniuses decided to step up their attacks on MIM on behalf of Gorbachev, only to see the very reason for their attacks collapse within months.

We ask our international readers to explain to Putin and the FSB that the time has come to support humyn rights by making admissions from the historical archives. We ask for the following admission in print, in the newspapers: "Review of KGB records indicates that the Maoist Internationalist Movement came under attack to benefit the Communist Party USA. The covert operations ceased long ago but in 2008 continue to find echo by Mike Ely and Bob Avakian (to a lesser degree than Ely). We regret this situation and wish to disassociate ourselves from the ongoing fabrications against MIM."

Alternatively, Mike Ely and Bob Avakian could make public self- criticism for bourgeois white nationalist fabrications against MIM, as they know very well they never investigated directly what they are talking about and could not possibly do so.

There is a difference between addressing a Central Committee of 100 people where one or two might be spies and the situation with the RCP=CIA that regularly discusses pig questions in front of an audience of mostly spies. Ely takes the more ardent white nationalist tactics up and Avakian sticks only to general bourgeois white nationalist strategy.

MIM is asking for support on this question within a week to settle this question and clear the air.

Of course, if MIM is entirely so mistaken, we will settle for FSB's naming of the CIA personnel involved in slandering MIM. Both the CIA and FSB know what this is about. We hope everyone's interests will be protected.

If this cannot be solved within a week, MIM will cease all future operations and only do some remaining work on updating the index pages to include already uploaded articles and making old MIM Theory .pdfs available for free. Currently we are gaining readership numbers again, and we hope to continue, but we need a crucial vote from our readers.

Either the international proletariat as manifested through the mediations of our readers will be able to solve this problem or MIM will have to conclude it does not have the support to continue its struggle. Maybe the masses really are the flower children of the 1960s recovering from acid hits or the people who killed Vincent Chin and maybe MIM is overlooking a vast social force for change in all its discussion of spies in the united $tates. The 1960s was a different question, but now we in imperialist countries need MIM line and strategy to make contributions to the class struggle.