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Maoist Internationalist Movement

Update on defensive operations and our challenge to international readers

  • See our "Challenges to International Readers"

    February 13 2008

    The RCP=CIA is not delivering any death threats to Gloria Steinem or Phyllis Chesler. In fact, it is in print promoting them, even though Phyllis Chesler is in print promoting u.$. intelligence agencies to fight "Islamofascism" and Steinem is a documented spy on communists. On the other hand, RCP=CIA is still delivering death threats to MIM, which speaks to the deep anti-communism at RCP=CIA.

    A 1996 document from RCP showing its working links with Chesler is here. More than a year after MIM started criticizing RCP=CIA for its Chesler links and line, RCP=CIA also started criticizing Chesler. Yet, at the time of RCP=CIA's death threats against MIM in 2006, it had yet to have uttered any criticism of the CIA hack. So what we had on the RCP=CIA website was props for Steinem, props for Ray McGovern, props for Phyllis Chesler and props for Iran-bashing, as if Iran were not one of three countries on Bush's "axis of evil" already--but death threats against MIM.

    And here is the thing--what is leadership? Is it waiting 20 years to end up taking the MIM line on gays? Is it taking a year and a half to figure out that an openly pro-CIA writer like Chesler is not to be followed? Should it be decades before one figures out that MIM was right about Stalin's accomplishments? Is it never calculating the surplus-value in one's own country? Is it not reading polls because white men are about to rise up any minute, "Revolution in the '80s, go for it!" Is it swindling peasant migrants by telling them that Euro-Amerikans are imminently revolutionary? Is it letting the labor aristocracy pressure the party for a lynching on a topic that the RCP=CIA had no possibility of researching? Is it sabotaging Ward Churchill rallies? What battle of any point of substance can the RCP point to where it was right and MIM was wrong in 25+ years?

    Some people have been misled into thinking that Mike Ely has left Avakian. If we pay careful attention to the RCP=CIA, it is for "solid core with a lot of elasticity," which simply means persynality cult at the center and all opinions anyone wants to hold as the guise and glue. Until we learn to recognize this fact, we do not understand how the RCP=CIA has copied the spy agencies. In fact, with the RCP=CIA it goes further than a matter of guise, because there is no class difference between RCP=CIA and liberal Democrats anyway. Having a guise is nothing compared with actually believing in one's guise.

    [Scuttlebutt aside: Speaking of Democrats, less than a handful of DNC level hacks are complaining a little. They think maybe international readers do not know Senator Clinton's role in creating the Pentagon leadership when Rumsfeld left in 2006. Maybe our conversation about a Fleur-de-lis was misinterpreted, maybe not. In general, it is not a good idea to pick a fight with someone with no state power. One might ask a statistician about the "expected value" of such a struggle.

    It will be interesting to see how MIM's withdrawal from certain leadership questions plays out. In essence, we are trying to see what if any proletarian interests need leadership and we will find out soon. Sorry to be slightly distracted at the moment. Various phony Marxists are trying to tell us to be involved in intra-bourgeois politics and so of course we are somewhat off-kilter.

    The Democrats should by all means nominate and divide up meatloaf. We would not want any fringe influences on any of their schmoozing.]

    For people who see the height of struggle as office sniping, the RCP=CIA way seems like a way to link together resources. Less than quarter-assed about their politics, these people are more than half- assed about their white collar backstabbing. For them, that is what class struggle is-- one-to-one bullshit.

    It looks like there will be no breakthrough in the counterrevolutionary impasse and MIM will be leaving international defensive operations to the Trotskyist RIM in four days. This will leave the field clear to the leaders selected and we shall see if we can eliminate further articles defending ourselves or whether news events affecting MIM will continue to require our attention at this web page.

    This is not Nepal or India. Joining a bourgeois organization is not a step forward. If MIM were going to be impressed by labor aristocracy goons carrying guns, MIM would have joined the state a long time ago. This is yet another point where there needs to be discernment of a general condition, not just another article addressing an individual.

    The armed struggle works in ungovernable conditions, which do not exist in any imperialist countries as Mao warned. The RCP=CIA is about reinforcing governability. By threatening to carry out the CPI(Maoist) example, the RCP=CIA fails to heed CPI(Maoist), but also typically fails to note that we are not creating a picture from a blank slate. Promotion of Chesler, Steinem and distribution of CIA documents while delivering death threats to MIM is pure anti-communism.

    MIM is asking the RCP=CIA leaders and their international colleagues to see reason and recognize that MIM needs to be the leader. This document has been added because we hear the masses. The RCP=CIA is receiving resounding rebuffs from the subcontinent, but the labor aristocracy in control of that party does not recognize it and is unable to piece it together with our challenges and what is going on. By the time RCP=CIA figured out the gay question--well we can see the logic of that. We need leadership able to act on a timely basis and the RCP=CIA as constituted simply cannot deliver that, which is why MIM needs to reorganize RCP=CIA. All the same people can love the same people in that organization, but the party will have the ability to respond in a correct and timely way with guts and discernment. If not, by all means, MIM only leads where its leadership is desired. The middle- class hand-holding society will be unhappy with MIM leadership. We do not pretend via "mass line" otherwise. That's why re-organization including purges is necessary. For worldcantwait or any mass organization to debate the Phyllis Chesler line for Iran-bashing is fine; even if sometimes we lose leadership of a mass organization to the CP=U$A, that is part of politicization. For the vanguard party not to be able to turn on a dime is not tolerable.

    We urge the RCP=CIA not to continue leaving the world in doubt where future assassination threats against MIM are coming from. It is in fact MIM already leading toward a better future. Things can go radically higher in 2008, but some impediments have to be moved into the mass organizations.

    We have already suspended new offensive operations. Will we be able to continue other activities or should we clear off the basketball court?