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White people economics: wreck the export sectors

College professors' tenure under fire

A July Zogby poll(1) shows that as we suspected, Euro-Amerikans are out to wreck another export sector of the economy--college services. 58% of 9464 surveyed by Zogby said that "political bias" is a "serious problem" among U.$. professors.

In a previous installment of "White People Economics," we explained that Euro-Amerikans are apt to consider prison and border guarding "real jobs"(2) and torturing Mexicans at the border "just doing their jobs."(3) At the 2004 Democratic Convention, we spoke with a handicapped delegate from Oklahoma who said that a job in the military was a "respectable way of life," and that was why she supported increased military budgets.

We have also shown that the cracker economic plan leads to a movement to deport Mexicans in order to wreck the housing market and be able to bitch about Catholic parishes shutting down.(4) It's not to say we believe the recent claims of the Texas Produce Association that migrant workers receive $9.50 an hour,(5) because no Amerikkkans will take the jobs. That's an exaggeration designed to impress Amerikans with the efforts the farmer-capitalists are making.

Now comes Zogby's July 10 report with excellent timing via the Ward Churchill fight. Those with lower grades in school are apt to believe that teachers need to have their workplaces reorganized. They resent that Ward Churchill has a life-time contract and believe that achievement comes from 9-5 discipline shuffling papers.

MIM has already reported on the lower test scores of Bush voter states.(6) Contrary to what one might hear, it is not a statistical issue, because the average scores for college entrance exams are for all students aspiring to go to colleges that require test scores. What you see is what you get for low Bush state test scores--the whole picture, not a sample.

In the united $tates, not that we like "white liberals," but "conservative" has become another word for "quintessentially white." "While 91% of very conservative adults said the bias is a 'serious problem,' just 3% of liberals agreed,"(1) according to Zogby. These words mask political differences such as that conservative Bush only obtained a majority vote from one ethnic group--whites.(7) Hence, it is no surprise to MIM that whites are twice as likely as Blacks to find professors' bias a "serious problem."(1) In other words, only a minority of Blacks finds the "political bias" question of professors a problem. There was no question for political bias in churches or TV advertisements.

Amerikans do manage to export rock'n'roll. It originated as Black music and it encountered initial resistance in connection to drugs and profanity arrests. Then white people realized that rock'n'roll could be rolled into the pornography export sector and suddenly it became unstoppable. Start with Mick Jagger and end up with Britney Spears. Otherwise, white people surely would have wrecked rock'n'roll as an export sector too.

The united $tates is an odd imperialist country in being a leading agricultural exporter, with 10% of exports coming from that sector.(8) No worry there--whites set out to wreck that too, with a desperate movement to deport the migrant farmworkers. "A recent National Agricultural Workers Study (NAWS) by the department of labor which surveys crop workers in the field found that 75 percent of hired hands in the sector were from Mexico and five percent were born in other foreign countries."(5)

Some misleading statistics will point to U.$. machinery exports, but MIM is only interested in sectors where the united $tates exports more than it imports. U.$. colleges lead in the world, so no wonder Euro-Amerikans want to fix that. No, we are not even referring to the snide comments of post-9/11 paranoia linking universities to violations of export laws.(8) Such comments are just to further justify spying on academics. We are referring instead to the fact that U.$. universities are the number one choice and destination of the world's students, and ironically a leading source of U.$. influence.

Here is what the State Department says: "We do remain the number one destination for foreign students." That was in regard to the 565,069 foreign students inside u.$. borders in the 2004-5 year.(9)

The one thing attracting people to work hard to become professors is the unique enticement of tenure, something that Wall Street does not offer. Today, Microsoft has a so-called campus to work at and many other white collar employers are seeking to become more like colleges, which is why corporations like Oracle have gyms right on the work premises. Without tenure, universities would have nothing unique about them to offer.

Not all of them know it, but white people are hellbent on proving that they can live the high hog consumer lifestyle with an infinite trade deficit. Exports are one half imports.(10) It's called believing in entitlement for entitlement sake. When a U.$. pizza entrepreneur tried to sell pizza to Mexicans, he received numerous death threats from infuriated anti-trade whites to fix that problem.(11)

All we need to see is a white persyn at a desk 9-5 and that is by definition hard work and how the economy advances we are told by White People Economics. The united $tates is the world's leading exporter of college services, so better wreck it. We would not want white people doing anything hinting of usefulness. What really matters is the self-esteem and political fantasies of a class of nine-digit size. There are no electoral-oriented politicians that can afford to alienate the white middle-class with the utter truth about its parasitic mentality. That's why you read MIM Notes.

5. Ed Stoddard, "Agriculture dependent on migrant workers,"