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New York Transfer Chooses for the Peruvian Revolution

[This article is about the phony web page supposedly of the PCP (Communist Party of Peru) housed at After the arrest of the leadership of the party in Peru, a cop named "Quispe" surfaced to take over Peruvian exile politics and continue the reactionary work that the arrest of Comrade Gonzalo started. We are sorry to say that to this day in March,1998 New York Transfer has supported this international fraud--Maoist Sojourner ed.]

Agent Quispe of the bogus "MPP-USA" sponsoring a bogus PCP web page on the People's War in Peru and the publication "New Flag" wrote a piece of garbage about MIM that caused New York Transfer to comment. NY Transfer is the self-proclaimed progressive INTERNET service that Agent Quispe uses to run his web page and e-mail defrauding the public including Peruvian exiles. NY Transfer's comments on the MIM struggle against Agent Quispe appear below.

"MIM never requested that we 'censor [New Flag's] publications.' They asked us, essentially, to agree with their assessment that lquispe was an "agent" and hence that The New Flag was disinformation. Obviously, if we believed that, lquispe's membership in NY Transfer would be unwelcome. We don't and it isn't. MIM's apparently firm belief that we are incorrect led to their decision which is entirely understandable, if foolish from our viewpoint. The constant harrasment we've received from the Fujimori government and its legions of online lackeys from Day One of lquispe's membership here would seem to support our position. No one from Peru's Ministry of Foreign Relations or anyone else has ever pestered us with demands that MIM be censored because of their work on Peru (although MIM has suffered many attempts at censorship by liberal Americans, such as Peacenet's "reg.peru" conference run by Jo-Ann Kawell and the ACTIV-L list, from which MIM material was banned years ago.)]"

NY Transfer's response to Quispe requires MIM's further response along points of fact and reasoning.


1. With regard to facts, NY Transfer says it has been asked to stop its work by the Peruvian regime. What NY Transfer leaves out is that MIM has received death threats from the Peruvian regime in the mail and it has received numerous death threats from Peruvians (of whatever background) on the net for its work defending the PCP. It is not correct that only imperialist country masters and defenders of Fujimori are the ones attacking MIM.

To whatever extent that MIM has stepped back from that fame and infamy, in recent months, that is on account of the fact that Peruvians abroad such as Luis Arce Borja and Adolfo Olaechea have stepped up their role on the INTERNET.

2. Another fact that NY Transfer left out is that MIM had been distributing PCP lit before Quispe ever did. Hence to imply that Quispe has legitimacy and MIM doesn't because Quispe distributes PCP lit is simply factually wrong. If NY Transfer had brought as much fame to our old literature at the etext archive, which existed before Quispe ever claimed to support the PCP, we would have achieved the same effect that NY Transfer is talking about.

Unfortunately, a bottom-line motivation for NYXFER to protect Quispe is the fame that comes to its site. Damned be the PCP as long as Quispe's "antics" bring attention to hard-working NYXFER.

3. What NY Transfer also doesn't tell the reader, probably because NY Transfer was never in a position to know--is that those PCP documents were ALWAYS handed out FREE by the PCP supporters abroad in Europe. They were never regarded as a special privilege of those to be followed politically, the way NY Transfer treats the subject now in order to avoid how Quispe's Jew-baiting, LaRouche-chasing and document-forging "politics" discredit the PCP.

Let us see Quispe deny that and he will stand further exposed in front of the movement in Europe and the united states that has received just such free documents from supporters of the People's War. In terms of reasoning, NY Transfer's position leaves much to be desired.

1. According to Quispe at one time or another trying to pose as friend of the RCP and even more outright capitulationist forces, while at the same time offering a more militant face, Esparza in France does not deserve respect--EVEN THOUGH HE DISTRIBUTES and WAS the MAIN distributor of PCP LIT prior to the arrest of Gonzalo. So according to Quispe, one should not be respected just for distributing PCP lit. Yet this is what NY Transfer does: ignore the fabrication of documents by Quispe and point to the circulation of documents. By that standard, NY Transfer is rehabilitating Esparza in a hurry too, which Quispe professes to disagree with while in practice doing all he can do to see to the protection of outright capitulation in the PCP's ranks.

2. In terms of MIM's reasoning, obviously the fact that the Peruvian regime asked NY Transfer to remove Quispe is something the Peruvian cops could fully coordinate. They have an interest in making Quispe look good and legitimate for their purposes. They could also legitimately attack Quispe in the past prior to his turncoat break with El Diario Internacional. That should not be surprising. Nor should it be surprising that the regime seeks to impress NY Transfer once Quispe has come out with his treachery. It is part of their strategy of confusing the movement since the arrest of Gonzalo in 1992.

3. NY Transfer compares MIM with Quispe; however, MIM is not running a "PCP" Web page. Quispe and NY Transfer are perpetrating that fraud.

4. The bottom line is that NYXFER never makes the comparison NYXFER should be making. The issue is not Quispe vs. MIM. The issue is who is doing the correct job upholding the PCP abroad and that means comparing Quispe with Luis Arce Borja.

The bottom line is that NYXFER has decided who should represent the PCP and has decided that Quispe is it, because Quispe brings fame to NYXFER. NYXFER never cared about these issues before the arrest of Comrade Gonzalo and the origination of the "peace accords" plot. Now it confers legitimacy on Quispe's organization which only arose after the arrest.

Once again NYXFER is playing the Yankee deciding who the real supporters of the People's War are. Luis Arce Borja was head of the El Diario International for several years before the arrest and no one contested that he played a role which is not to say everyone always agreed with him. Prior to his organized role abroad, he was allowed to interview Comrade Gonzalo in a book length work. At that time, Quispe was not a supporter of the People's War.

Then comes the arrest of some of the top leaders of the PCP and Quispe comes out of the shadows a few months later to take advantage of a difficult moment. Instead of choosing from the leaders in place BEFORE the arrest, NYXFER decides to choose a new leader for the PCP's support movement abroad.

As previous documents show, NYXFER did not care about these issues before and it is aware that MIM advised them against Quispe. Now all of the sudden NYXFER compares Quispe with MIM and makes snide comments that MIM is not composed of Peruvian exiles.

For that matter, of the organizations in North America who know Quispe, and claim Maoism, MIM and Socialist Action are both telling NYXFER that Quispe is a fraud. The RCP-USA is saying it has no position on Quispe; although non-public documents from the RCP-USA suggest Quispe is a cop.

If NYXFER wanted to run a web page saying it has a view of Peru, that would be one thing. When it comes to the PCP and the People's War, NYXFER is out of line and joins in the fraud and actively promotes it by not respecting the PCP's own organizational integrity.

Once we have decided not to invent new leaders out of thin air after the arrest of Gonzalo, the real choice is between Esparza and Luis Arce Borja. Both were established leaders before the police operation. Even Quispe claims not to support Esparza, so that leaves Luis Arce Borja. To reason otherwise and jump in to support one's own choice of leader to put up a PCP web page--that is chauvinism.

The PCP does not want people to go visit them in Peru. There can be no legitimate reason for thinking Quispe is authorized to put up a PCP Web page with NYXFER's help. Genuine Maoists internationally condemn this fraud. NYXFER does not claim to be Maoist, but it should at least respect the organizational integrity and continuity of the PCP and not take advantage of the police operation to invent new anti-Semitic, Larouche-chasing and document-forging leaders to suit themselves.

This is a matter of concern to the whole international communist movement in this stage prior to seizing state power. If imperialist country masses choose a new leader of the support movements every time the bourgeoisie arrests some Maoist leaders, we are in for endless splitting and confusion. One of Quispe's supporters has written to MIM and admitted that Quispe is an "idiot," but he also said Luis Arce Borja is "hard to work with." For this reason, the Quispe supporter said he was justified in trying to support a multitude of new leaders after the arrest of Gonzalo. Such reasoning by the Quispe supporter is absolutely intolerable from imperialist country masses. We can struggle for our opinions, but we should not prop up this or that person as a legitimate new leader based on our subjective tastes. Instead we must rally around some existing set of leaders and not allow the police a further chance to sow discord.

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