This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

Again: a concrete proposal to the RCP=CIA

February 7 2008

The RCP=CIA started its history with pig-baiting MIM, with no specific charges. It then moved into pig-assistance and working with the CIA against MIM--charges we have made in public and have backed with reference both to public work they do and also work they do with anonymous persynalities. The RCP=CIA also made death threats against MIM in 2006 and in 2008 RCP=CIA is still conducting annoying pig- assisted work against MIM using material it has access to as an appendage of the imperialist states, but despite all this, it is in fact the RCP=CIA that should dissolve to follow MIM's leadership. It is crucial to our challenge to our international readers that non-Amerikans step forward or Avakian and Ely themselves step forward.

In theory, a vanguard party is supposed to evaluate scientifically challenges such as MIM's and choose the correct line. In fact what happened is that MIM had a larger readership than RCP=CIA for almost two decades, and not by watering down per comrade requirements or line. That is how MIM gained ever increasing attention to its positions, not by a process of science production in a joint party with RCP=CIA. Today there is no comparison between MIM's global revolutionary influence and RCP=CIA's. There is however the residual capability of the RCP=CIA to serve imperialism and get in the way of revolutionary work.

On November 2 2004, MIM made the following proposal to the RCP=U$A (how we named it at that time). The proposal is still correct today.

To make this accessible to practice, MIM makes a proposal:

1) Since RCP=U$A allegedly cannot find a cardinal principle in why our lines are different, it should dissolve. If RCPers oppose dissolving it must be because they have a cardinal difference with us that they have not named. The tactics of some of the pretended embrace of our position should cease. We have flushed it out with this proposal.

2) They should put their time into "Not in Our Name," and cease reference to M-L-M. If the ex-RCPers did so, MIM would publicize their efforts energetically, and whether they know it or not, MIM is better- read by the public than they are.

3) Within NioN, Bob Avakian should be a leader, an emotional asset. What he does now is incorrect though. It is not long-winded pre- scientific videos we need from him, but photo ops and a style of opposing war. His videos are only leading to "familiarity breeds contempt." Emotional ties that he is aiming at belong in mass organizations, not attempted scientific disquisitions.

If Bu$h can gain from 911 photo ops to promote war, Avakian should counter with his own persynality bubble. Any anti-war bubble that Avakian builds up, MIM will defend, including against anarchists.

4) "Revolution Books" should distribute MIM Notes and MIM Theory and resources for the "Revolutionary Worker" should go into the anti-war leaflets that will be necessary for demonstrations etc.

5) Our position via RIM should be that there should be no Comintern, but if it is prepared to concretely name the majority-exploiter countries, we can sign a joint resolution. Until that time, it would be best if the Third World parties would organize themselves into joint statements on Maoism without the imperialist countries.

The correct location of the persynality cult style that Avakian has is the mass organization, not the party.

Since that time, Mike Ely has suggested that Avakian holds his own leadership as cardinal, so our response to their lack of cardinal differences with MIM is now inaccurate. We consider it about the equivalent of Obama poetry or Clinton crying for votes, because Avakian has a core of buddies.

We are pleased that some have noticed that MIM worked too slowly in 2007. The RCP=CIA response to their own counterrevolutionary International Wimmin's Day Iran-bashing in 2006 is an example of how their party needs a purge. The party has to correct itself with the ability of turning on a dime.

The party should not wait till after Carol Andreas on China and till after Klonsky does something to say something about China. But even where more time is justified for party splitting, it is not justified for current events--such as with the arrest of Gonzalo or the Iran- bashing in 2006.

When it takes a long time to review a subject, that can be a sign that the party is over-bubbaized. The Amerikans have material influences dragging them backward. As we said, the party has to be purged enough that its members can oppose pig questions and bourgeois white nationalist spontaneity on a timely basis. The RCP=CIA has never been able to do that.

In reorganizing the RCP=CIA, the following three principles are the most important.
1) No world party. Return to Stalin and Mao. "He who departs from principles splits."
2) Follow the ETEXT MIM as the Panchen Lama.
3) At the very least, all RCP=CIA can serve in the anti-war movement with love and loyalty to Avakian or others while acknowledging MIM leadership. We also support their dissolving into any mass organization of their choice, as outlined in our SIO policy.

From the above three principles for this time period we can build further.

We are drawing a distinction between RCP=CIA and others on following ETEXT MIM. The main reason for RCP=CIA to follow the MIM is historical, 25 years of struggles. It would be RCP=CIA finally admitting that MIM was correct in the main in those struggles.

For young dragons just arising today, following MIM is not as important, because MIM is encapsulated by the state. It might be better just to stay independent and try to do it better. For the RCP=CIA there is a long history of having a chance to digest the MIM line. So there is more of a duty to writing communist history.

The Dalai Lama has responsibility for day-to-day affairs. However, when one is in prison, one cannot lead a party in a day-to-day way. House arrest is also questionable for party leadership duties. That is why the ETEXT MIM cell is most safely called "Panchen Lama," not along the lines that the Panchen Lama had a relationship to the Chinese state, but along the lines that the Panchen Lama has restricted real- world capabilities but is considered supreme in spiritual matters.

Of course, it would be best that Avakian himself recognize the truth and move his followers into reorganization. Toward this end we have called for international pressure on Avakian and Ely, pressure from the real masses by February 9 2008.

Taking up the correct line may cost the RCP=CIA circles CIA and labor aristocracy support. That is the main reason for the resistance to the MIM line. Yet this support should just go to the mass organizations, where hand-holding bubbaization is still fine.

Some additional practical points:
1) Reorganizing the RCP=CIA newspaper to take up MIM cardinals and remove reference to Avakian as cardinal.
2) Seeking out an editor upholding the MIM line.
3) Printing Larry Everest articles on the U.$. role in Iran but handing over articles on other countries' conditions to the parties of those countries to determine their use if any.

On this last point, the RCP=CIA needs to understand again what is wrong with a world party. If Third World parties have no intellectuals that has to be rectified in the Third World country of concern and it is imperative that other Leninist parties insist on that as an example. If the Third World party has no money for its own web page, then the answer is to provide material support, not to construct another First World website interpreting Third World struggle. Constructing world parties across dissimilar conditions also impoverishes research and writing, the reason RCP=CIA never got around to surplus-value, productive labor and theory of productive forces questions for its own conditions. There is no big deal sharing line among the u$A, Kanada and England, but as soon as we cross the border into Mexico, we cannot use the same general line. Likewise, if Mexico's vanguard party shares comrades with Guatemala's vanguard party, that might not be so bad. So we are not coming up with another way of worshipping borders, but generally we do have to worship the importance of knowing conditions. We also have to stress not creating opportunities for CIA deep cover, another problem with having to be a tourist-journalist in the Third World armed struggles.


RCP=CIA guards can go on guarding the people they love as long as they follow MIM's line and do not claim to be Maoist.


The RCP=CIA should collect up its materials for deposit in libraries for historical research purposes. It should then remove the old materials in the newspapers and flyers from the bookstore outlets.


1) MIM will undertake reviews of all "RCP" books for suitability. Some will return to their individual author's ownership to be sold in the bookstore the same way as other books.
2) As with the newspaper, bookstores should stress the new line. Others should inspect bookstores to see if the new line is being carried out.

In all these struggles, it is likely that much support will be lost. It would be better to lose the support than continue as a counterrevolutionary impediment the way RCP=CIA is now. There is no guarantee how the struggle will go, but it is a proletarian necessity. In the ideal situation, there will be enough support to launch Maoist Internationalist Party-Amerika's newspaper in place of Avakian's "Revolution." If there is not, those opposing MIM leadership should still be purged. Again, we stress that people wanting an equal vote with MIM in a party probably will not get it, but people wanting to work in alliance with MIM through their choice of mass organization following MIM line will get what they want. From there it is possible to build even better.

There are those claiming to uphold the MIM line who will turn out unreliable in struggle. That is why it is important to have goals and struggle for them regardless of who questions, because one never knows who is closet CIA anyway. Some will pose as MIM-like to disrupt MIM and some to drag people back to unreconstructed Avakian.

The truth is that dissolving RCP=CIA in favor of the MIM line will clear up possibilities for organizing a proletarian pole. People on the sidelines or with a bad impression of Lenin and Mao may step forward.