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International Wimmin's Day and peace with Iran

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    "The changing atmosphere toward Iran in Washington's corridors of power has affected the national mood. A Los Angeles Times poll on January 27 indicated that 57 percent of Americans back an attack on Iran if its defiance persists. A Pew Research Center poll released on February 7 showed that public concern over Iran's nuclear program has risen dramatically in the past few months."--Jerusalem Post

    "Today, 27% of Americans cite Iran as the country that represents the greatest danger to the United States - in contrast to just 9% in October." --Jerusalem Post, March 4 2006, days before International Wimmin's Day demonstrations against Iran

    "Multiple pieces of independent evidence suggest that America is embarked in a premeditated path that will lead inexorably to the use of nuclear weapons against Iran in the very near future. Facing clear evidence of this peril, we cannot wait for the final proof the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud. Whether you are liberal or conservative, antiwar or pro-war, if you believe this would be catastrophic for America and the world, the time to act to derail it is now! ", the publication of the Amerika-first paleo-conservatives

    Many Amerikan pseudo-feminists say they are opposed to the U.$. wars, but today they demonstrated against stoning in Iran. It is the activity of NOW, Robin Morgan, Azar Nafisi and their male chauvinist allies propping up these wars. The troops themselves in Iraq have said they want to come home. The Iraqi people have spoken in polls that they want the united $tates out.(1) But NOW continues business as usual advising Iraq on its constitution. NOW continues complaining about conditions for wimmin in Iraq. NOW stirs up a sense of a mission unaccomplished while feebly opposing the war that it does not directly run--at least not in public. The ties of the Pentagon to NOW remain unexamined, and they should be examined.

    Robin Morgan claims she opposes war on Afghanistan. Yet she and others go on stirring up hatred against Afghan patriarchy in particular.

    Sure, Robin Morgan did not give the order to the U.S. Army to enter Afghanistan. This kind of thinking is an example of the low moral standards of the left-wing of white nationalism. The left-wing of white nationalism is effective in stirring up public opinion of hatred against Iran, Afghanistan etc. It is ineffective in bringing these wars to an end.

    After Robin Morgan and the others get the united $tates out and clamp down on their own nations' aggressors and after they achieve near communist-perfection on the patriarchy question in their own country and stop abusing wimmin of other countries, MIM will be the first to roll out the red carpet stretching from New York to Tehran, along which future angels from the united $tates will be able to go forward to criticize the existing patriarchy in Iran. In reality, we do not believe medievalism of any sort would survive the fall of u.$. imperialism, which would set off a series of global chain-reactions.

    Some day, the united $tates will have to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be a date that troops leave and another date in which bases disappear and another date in which secret military operatives have to leave. Then we will know how long the war was and how many people it killed in what phases. We will be able to divide the number of casualties by the number of days and know how many deaths per day resulted from direct militarist action.

    While it is true that Robin Morgan did not order the troops into Afghanistan, she did prolong the war. Who is to say that if it had not been for her and her brand of pseudo-feminists, the united $tates would not have left by now? If the only motive was to find Osama Bin Laden, perhaps after Tora Bora Amerikans would have realized he escaped, that he did not wait around to be captured. Our leaders could have been ridiculed for thinking that Osama Bin Laden was waiting around for a shoot-out, but pseudo-feminists gave Amerikan imperialists a reason to stay in Afghanistan and "complete" some kind of mission anyway. The sense of "hot pursuit" of Bin Laden when he could be in any country by now can gradually trail off, but the impressions that pseudo-feminists create are ongoing. They are responsible for a share of percentage points in public opinion and hence the war.

    The number of wimmin that the united $tates kills in Iraq in a single year is greater than the total number of wimmin killed by stonings in Iran in a decade; even though Iran is more than twice the population of Iraq. Now that the U.$. military has a solid 8% portion of females in Iraq,(2) we can say that the Amerikan female kills several times more Mideast wimmin per day than stoning does. And we know this is not counting the half million Iraqi children killed by u.$. sanctions on Iraq as admitted by Secretary of State, the female Madelaine Albright.

    Hey, and MIM has a message for the pseudo-feminists out there who do not know that already--at least sometimes, get your noses out of those white nationalist porno magazines like Cosmpolitan; stop watching "Sex in the City" reruns and study society and politics! Your de facto leader today is Azar Nafisi, someone who admits to escaping to the bathroom during political struggle. She wants the right to say that patriarchy is violent and has to be fought in a particular way, but she gives us the feeling she is listening to the Beatles sing, "you say you need a revolution" when something serious has to be examined.

    According to the Feminist Daily News, stonings stopped in Iran in 2003 while some even more militarist and more chauvinist clowns demonstrating today say it is still ongoing. Does MIM know the truth about that, does the Amerikan public, does the RP=u$A? We doubt it, because especially in a war climate the truth is the second victim, after the people. People in the Middle East/West Asia need to take that into account: what can they expect us to know? How is the Pentagon manipulating public opinion and what are the oppressor nation whites predisposed to believe anyway? If Iran stops stoning and no one reports it, what is the impact of that?

    For the number of stonings we are talking about, it would be child's play for the CIA to pay some mullahs to carry them out. Recently, the Bu$h administration admitted to creating a "diplomatic" office just for Iran with hundreds of agents.(3) NOW, Azar Nafisi, Robin Morgan etc. are whitewashing the real power by pointing to divergent customs of patriarchy. The scale of what u.$. imperialism does has to be taken into account in a real way. For a few agents to set up a few stonings, a few lashings--it's nothing. A few oil speculators could do it to increase Iran's tension with the united $tates and send up the price of oil. Recently, a CIA agent admitted that the movie, "Syriana" rang true to him, and he was a Mideast agent,(4) so he ought to know.

    The reason "Syriana," CIA agents and imperialism are not real to pseudo-feminists is that they are actually obsessed with their gender privileges. Azar Nafisi admitted to breaking with the anti-imperialist movement over lifestyle questions. Once she became entitled to enjoying sexual life the way men do, she would not give that up, even if it meant selling out her sisters in Iran. She sensed that somehow anti-imperialism threatened her gender privileges that placed her in the global elite sexually.

    Azar Nafisi attacked anti-imperialism from the right, in defense of lifestyle. We also have those who pose ultraleft and attack anti-imperialism in the name of lifestyle. Both rightists and ultraleft purists are more concerned about their lifestyle and being allowed to live it without hypocrisy than they are about the issue of war and peace. War and peace is a group question--conducted at the national level, and also the class and gender level. Individualist approaches sanctifying lifestyles have no business calling themselves anti-militarist. Azar Nafisi, Robin Morgan, NOW and various male chauvinist pigs should live in hypocrisy: it's a far better thing than joining the warmongering patriarchy wholesale.

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